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Movie streaming plays a huge part in the entertainment industry. It’s one of the most influential forms of leisure that’s patronized by millions of people from all walks of life. As a result, the number of movie streaming services available has increased to aid folks with a unique streaming experience and an endless catalog of shows and movies. However, there’s a catch — some streaming platforms require a monthly subscription fee to access their services. So what would you do if you want to watch free movies online without paying a single dime? You turn to 123Movies or, at least, some of the 123Movies alternatives.

Just like streaming services have changed how we watch movies, YouTube has flipped the script on content consumption. YouTube views are the currency of the internet, giving life to videos from creators all around the world. It’s a place where anyone can find something they’re into, all for free. Views reveal a video’s popularity and help creators get noticed and earn money. This blend of entertainment and opportunity makes YouTube a favorite. It’s similar to 123Movies but offers a more personal touch from individual creators.

With so many 123movies links on the internet, you might be wondering what is the real 123movies site. Don’t worry, we got you covered. In this article, we’ll tackle everything about 123movies, including its mirror sites and ideal alternatives.

What Is 123Movies?

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123Movies is one of the largest movie streaming platforms on the internet. It showcases a whopping collection of films, TV series, documentaries, and others across different genres. If you’re fond of watching online movies or TV shows, there’s a high chance that you’ve encountered the service already. With over 98 million users recorded, 123Movies is the best option you can use to enjoy free online streaming.

Launched sometime around 2015-2016, 123Movies originally operated under the name and URL of 123movies.to. After being listed as one of the “Online Notorious Markets” in 2016, the website went through several name changes including 123movies.is, gomovies.to, gomovies.is, gostream.is, memovies.to, and 123movieshub.to/is before being shut down.

Today, various clone sites are still available across the internet to give users a similar experience rendered by the original 123Movies.

What Is the Difference Between 123Movies.to and 123Movies.net?

We all know how confusing it is to encounter a website link that’s almost similar to the original site you’re visiting. If you’re also wondering what is the difference between123Movies.to and 123Movies.net, the answer is pretty simple. 123Movies.to is the original website of 123Movies while 123Movies.net is a clone site of the aforementioned service.

What Are the Mirror Sites for 123Movies?

Here is a list of the working mirror websites and proxy links of 123Movies:

15 Best 123Movies Alternatives

The original 123Movies may not be around anymore, but there are a plethora of worthy options you can choose from. Without further ado, here is the best 123Movies alternatives roundup you should check out now.

1. Vumoo

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If you’re looking for a 123Movies alternative with zero pop-ups, look no further than Vumoo. This platform is one of the best free online movie streaming sites out there that renders high-quality movie streaming experience and a wide range of content to all of its users.

When you visit Vumoo, the website greets you with a clean and straightforward interface. The movies are arranged in four rows, with minimal to no ads. These ads will not annoy you as compared to pop-ups. Whether you want to stream old or new movies, you can find it all here on Vumoo. If you wish to view the details about your desired movie, all you have to do is to click the thumbnail and the information, along with the video, loads up.

Watching full movies or TV series on Vumoo is completely free. That means you don’t need to provide your personal details such as name, email address, credit card, etc. to access the service.

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2. GoStream

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If you’re a hardcore fan of movie streaming websites, you’re probably familiar with GoStream. It served as a replacement of 123Movies in 2017, and it remains operational to date under different sources after its official site has been blocked.

Browsing content in the GoStream site is pretty simple. When choosing what to watch, you can skim through laudable movies across different genres or select from the Most Viewed segment located on top of the website. There’s also a dedicated search bar in case you’re looking for a specific film.

Like Vumoo, GoStream is completely free of annoying pop-ups. You may spot some sponsored links in between thumbnails but that doesn’t cause much hindrance when navigating around the site. This earns brownie points a good 123Movies alternative. Additionally, you have the option to stream the movie directly from the site or download it for offline viewing. Either way, the service will not ask you for your personal details to watch the full content.

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3. YIFY Movies

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When it comes to downloading HD films, nothing beats YIFY Movies. It’s a popular peer-to-peer release group that offers a whopping number of free movies through BitTorrent.

YIFY offers a wide range of content, either classics or contemporary. Unlike most on this list, this 123Movies alternative doesn’t allow users to stream content online. Instead, you are provided with download links and you’re free to download them even without signing up.

As for the interface, YIFY Movies boasts a simple and user-friendly interface against a black background. The categorization is also robust as it allows you to filter your searches according to quality, genre, rating, year, language, and order. Hence, if you’re in search of some of the latest movies from these alternatives, YIFY has to be on the top of your list.

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4. WatchFree

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WatchFree is another great 123Movies alternative for online streaming. It shelters over 16,000 content in different genres such as action, adventure, romance, sci-fi, horror, etc.

WatchFree offers a similar interface as 123Movies. That means the contents are resting against a green and white-colored theme, which is fairly ideal to the eyes. When it comes to navigation, however, the service renders a different story. Movies are categorized according to genre and country. If you wish to view featured content, just click on List and you’ll see them in varied line-ups.

The platform allows you to watch movies for free — no sign-ups needed. It also employs two to three servers for each movie to eliminate problems while online streaming. However, you may encounter ads and pop-ups that can spoil your experience so consider using ad-blockers.

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5. MoviesJoy

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Is watching movies your happy pill? Do you prefer online streaming services with great ease? If your answer is a big fat yes, then, don’t forget to consider MoviesJoy. It provides over 10,000 movies and TV series to watch online for free without registration.

What you’ll love about the service is that it frequently updates its database to cater to the newest and top-rated movies across the globe. So, if you’ve been meaning to watch the latest episode of your favorite TV series, MoviesJoy is your place to be.

When it comes to online streaming, the platform is one of the most robust sites as it boasts four servers for each movie. The movies are also classified according to the genre, IMDB rating, country, and others. Film details are available as well if you click the thumbnail.

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6. PutLocker

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Just like 123Movies, Putlocker is another major online streaming platform that’s frequently accessed for movies, TV series, documentaries, and the like. It features a vast selection of content that are on par with 123Movies. Thus making it one of the most visited services with approximately 1.6 million visits per day.

There’s no shortage of films in Putlocker. Whether you prefer old movies to the newly released from cinemas, they all have a place here. Another noteworthy feature of the service is the ability to browse and watch movies in Night Mode. Plus, you don’t need to create an account to access its highlights. Everything is absolutely free in Putlocker.

As for the interface, the platform utilizes a green and white theme. Movies are also arranged in thumbnails with the icon to favorite for easy access later on. If you’re afraid of any security issues encountered in Putlocker, there are other Putlocker alternatives you can check out.

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7. Popcornflix

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As the name implies, Popcornflix makes you reach for popcorn while watching. This is because the platform has a dedicated amount of movies, TV series, as well as viral videos to your liking. Although the service is not primarily geared towards newly released films, Popcornflix offers solid content to all users of all ages.

As one of the best 123movies alternatives available, here on Popcornflix, the contents are diversified into different genres including action, comedy, drama, horror, family, and more. You can also browse a list of New Arrivals and Popcornflix Originals if you wish to see rising films.

When it comes to the user interface, this alternative boasts sleek and modern navigation with a decent movie streaming panel in just a single click. What’s more, account creation is not needed to stream films. Plus, the service is highly optimized for computers and mobile devices so you can watch anywhere whenever your heart desires to.

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8. Yesmovies

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Yesmovies is yet another competent of 123Movies alternative. With an immense array of movies and TV series, the service remains as the primary source of entertainment media around the world.

There are many things to love about Yesmovies. First, it has a user-friendly interface and polished website design. The navigation tools reside at the top portion of the screen for easy access while browsing. You can watch your heart out as long as you like and not hurt your eyes since the site employs a dark theme.

In terms of the categorization, the platform touts a comprehensive classification of its content. You can choose movies according to the genre and country. The Top IMDb selection is present to boot. Just be sure to use ad-blocker to avoid pop-ups from ruining your streaming experience.

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9. YoMovies

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If you’re a fan of Bollywood and Hindi films, YoMovies is the perfect option for you. It accommodates commendable movies from Eastern countries including Bollywood, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, and South Indian Hindi-dubbed films. You can find content from Hollywood, too. It’s one of the more diverse 123Movies alternatives out there in the market.

Exploring what to watch is pretty easy with YoMovies. Major navigation tools are located at the top of the website. When you click one, you’ll be redirected to a list of films with genre selection at the right corner of the screen. If you’re looking for specific content, you can use the search bar to find it. YoMovies also do offer 18+ movies. However, most of the said content contains ads and pop-ups that can get pretty annoying if you’re not using an ad-blocker.

Note: Users under 18 is not recommended.

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10. KissAsian

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Just like YoMovies, KissAsian is another powerful 123Movies alternative. However, instead of Hollywood or Bollywood films, the service offers free Asian dramas to all users worldwide.

KissAsian has a tremendous reservoir of TV series, episodes, and anime, with expansive indexing to choose from. It includes a collection of movies across various genres and criteria. You can browse content sorted by alphabet and popularity, as well as “Latest Update” and “New Drama” options.

What makes KissAsian special among all platforms is its well-organized navigation tools. You can search for any film by status, whether the series is complete or ongoing, by country, and of course, by genre. Plus, there’s also an available FAQ section in case you encounter problems while browsing or streaming.

In terms of interface, the platform uses a black and yellow theme that’s relaxing and calming to your eyes. The streaming panel also integrates an active chatbox for users to share comments and information about a specific movie or episode. Sounds enticing? It is. You don’t even have to sign up to watch the full movie/series online.

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11. Movie4U

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Movie4U is another great 123movies alternative if you’re looking for a simple and 100% free online movie streaming platform. Apart from sheltering the best films, the service also touts a premium and elegant-looking website design and interface that provides easier navigation while browsing.

You can browse through its content according to criteria such as Featured, Trending, Top IMDb, and Ratings. Each movie also has three major servers to give users the freedom to jump into another link in case the first one is not working.

If you wish to watch a movie for later, you can download it since the platform has a dedicated download link at the bottom of each video. Some even claim that Movie4U is one of the best 123movies alternatives in the market.

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12. FlixTor

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FlixTor is another great 123Movies alternative on this list. It features a colossal number of movies and TV Shows arranged according to the genre and popularity. It also has the option to stream videos in HD.

Account creation is no longer required when accessing the website. All you have to do is to click your desired movie and watch it directly from the website. It may also contain 18+ content which might not be the best for underage users.

Make sure to install ad-blockers to prevent annoying ads and pop-ups from wrecking your streaming experience.

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13. XMovies8

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XMovies8 is a superior 123Movies alternative for many reasons. First, it allows you to watch online movies and TV series for free without registration. Second, it has a huge collection of HD movies, films, from classics to 18+ genres. However, it’s not recommended for users who are underage.

As for the interface, the content sits against a black and red-colored theme. Navigation tools are also decent, but the site requires improvement for better a searching experience.

Since it’s completely free to access movies and TV shows, expect several ads and pop-ups while using the website. However, if you prefer to download movies for offline viewing, you can check out our guide here. If the UX is not a problem for you, this might be one of the optimal 123movies alternatives you’re looking for.

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14. Cmovies

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CMovies is like any 123Movies alternative on this list. It has all the good features you’re looking for in an online streaming service — free, no registration, and a brimming compilation of impressive films and TV series.

You won’t be disappointed while streaming in CMovies. In fact, the service uses five and more servers for each movie or episode to ensure no one will ever report a broken link. A Facebook comment section is also integrated within each streaming panel so you can keep up with anyone who’s watching the same film.

In case you’re wondering what to watch next, CMovies also displays related films at the bottom part of the page. This way, you can find your next film with great ease. Overall, it’s a great 123Movies alternative you don’t want to miss out on.

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15. Bmovies

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Wondering what the letter “B” means in Bmovies? Well, the website has spoken. “B” pertains to “Box” or “Blockbuster.” That means the service is a massive box showcasing top-of-the-line or blockbuster films and TV series for free.

When it comes to online streaming, the platform doesn’t disappoint. Featuring similar interface and movie choices like on 123Movies, you can choose from thousands of movies arranged by genre and country. If you wish to see its list of Most Watched Movies or the Top IMDb recommendation, just click on their corresponding button at the top of the screen.

Just like most of the services on this list, Bmovies has a sleek interface with a black and blue theme that’s subtle for the eyes. You may encounter ads and pop-ups along the way, but it doesn’t cause much bother if you’re using an ad-blocker. Also, you need to create an account to watch the full movies. All you have to do is to click the thumbnail of your preferred film and you’re good to go. All in all, this makes one of the best 123movies alternatives available now.

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It’s always a good practice to prepare for the rainy days. That means it’s absolutely no harm to know what are the 123movies alternatives available in the market today. You never know some other free movie streaming sites might offer something more than 123movies. Ultimately, these are some of the best alternatives out there that guarantee a safe, and smooth movie streaming experience like the 123movies. But, try it or not, the decision is yours.

15 Best 123Movies Alternatives in 2022 [Unblocked] | Robots.net (17)

15 Best 123Movies Alternatives in 2022 [Unblocked] | Robots.net (2024)
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