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An Airbnb lockbox is the ideal solution to a common problem hosts face every time they are unable to be there in person to hand over their keys to guests. A secure lockbox allows rental keys to be stored for guests to collect when they are ready. Offering a self-check-in for guests has become even more popular recently. A self-check-in eliminates physical contact and gives guests more flexibility.

Learn more about the benefits of using a lockbox for securing your Airbnb rental keys and ensuring a smooth check-in process for your guests.

1. What is an Airbnb Lockbox?

2. What Are the Benefits of Using an Airbnb Lockbox?

3. How Much Does an Airbnb Lockbox Cost?

4. What Are the Best Kinds of Lockboxes?

5. Where Can I Buy a Lockbox?

7. Where Should I Install My Airbnb Lockbox?

What is an Airbnb Lockbox?

A lockbox is a small storage device designed to safely and securely store your rental keys. It’s very durable and requires a safety code to open it.

How to use an Airbnb lockbox:

You can use a lockbox to protect keys or manage the lock for your Airbnb door. There are several common lockbox systems with different lock designs:

  • Push-button lockboxes a push-button lockbox is regarded as one of the easiest safety boxes to work with. Punch in the correct sequence of numbers into the buttons and it opens immediately.
  • Dial lockboxes these lockboxes resemble locker room padlocks, with a revolving dial. Users input a combination of numbers one by one into the dial.
  • Wheel lockboxes a wheel-lock Airbnb lockbox consists of several scrolling wheels of numbers from 0 – 9. Users scroll on each wheel to select numbers for a combination that opens the lock (usually a four-digit code).
  • Electronic and smart lockboxes electronic or smart lockboxes are attached to a door and open automatically with the correct code, or by sharing access via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The passcode can be changed each time a guest checks out.

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What Are the Benefits of Using an Airbnb Lockbox?

There are many benefits of using a secure lockbox as part of your property management strategy:

1. Convenience for hosts and guests

Having a lockbox removes the need for you to be there to welcome your guests. This saves time, as you will no longer need to plan your schedule around guests arriving at particular hours.

In addition, lockboxes can help to cut back on expenses, as hosts who can’t be there often hire a manager to do it for them. With a lockbox, you no longer need to constantly spend money paying someone to hand over your keys.

Guests also benefit from using a lockbox to check-in, as they can choose any arrival time that suits them, and they have more control over the procedure. Without a host there, they can check-in at a more relaxed pace. Guests who have had a long trip may also be tired and not in the mood to converse with hosts or managers.

2. Safety

This method is also a safer way for you to hand over the rental keys to your guests, as opposed to a physical meet and greet. Airbnb lockboxes encourage contactless check-ins, which can help guests to feel safe while they are checking in. Self-check-in eliminates the need for a meet-and-greet and a physical exchange, helping to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

3. Key security

Your rental keys are more protected in a lockbox vs. a hiding place. Safety boxes are generally designed to withstand break-in attempts and lockpicking. Your keys are less likely to be stolen out of a lockbox than from underneath a rock or pot plant.

How Much Does an Airbnb Lockbox Cost?

Secure lockboxes can vary in price, often starting between $10-$20 dollars for a budget model. Mid-range boxes start around $30-40 dollars and up. High-end smart lockboxes can cost between $100-$300 per model.

What Are the Best Kinds of Lockboxes?

To find the best lockbox for your Airbnb rental, you should first shop around to get an idea of what is available:

Upper range

Master Lock 5514D Bluetooth Electronic Wall Mount Lock Box. As the name suggests, the Master Lock Bluetooth Lock Box allows guests to gain access through Bluetooth connectivity. You can use the inhouse app to set up access codes for yourself and your guests, share codes with them, and get notifications when they are busy accessing this smart Airbnb lockbox.
Price: $117 on Amazon.

Igloohome Smart Keybox 3. For a convenient and hassle-free key handover, a popular choice for hosts is the Igloohome Smart Keybox 3. The interior can comfortably store multiple sets of keys and access cards, in case guests need spares. Checking in is easy for guests, as they don’t need to download any app, they can send login codes via SMS, Facebook Messenger, and Whatsapp.
Price: $170 on Amazon.


Masterlock 5424D Portable Lock Box. The Master Lock Portable Lock Box comes with a shackle that can be looped around door handles or removed so the box can be mounted on the wall. Set your own unique four-digit code that can easily be reset. The dials light up during night time, or when there is low visibility. This model can store several locks or access cards.
Price: $40.00 on Amazon.

Kidde Access Point Lockbox. The Kidde Access Point Lockbox is a simple but effective Airbnb lockbox for storing up to two pairs of keys for your guests. It can be attached as a permanent fixture to a setting of your choice. Set a unique code for your guests to gain access, and reset the code to a new combination after they check out.
Price: $30 on Amazon.


ORIA Key Storage Lockbox. The ORIA Key Storage Lockbox is made from a heavy-duty steel and zinc alloy, making it resistant to hammering or sawing. The dials are four scrolling wheels that can be set to create unique codes. Store up to five keys comfortably inside the box, for your guests to access when they arrive at your rental.
Price: $17 dollars on Amazon.

Kingsley Guard-a-Key Black Realtor’s Lockbox. The Kingsey Guard-a-Key Lockbox is the ideal budget Airbnb lockbox, offering great value for money. Set a unique combination lock using the four number wheels and store up to ten keys inside it. It is made from durable metal and a scratch-resistant vinyl casing.

With over 10,000 possible combinations to set, you can rest assured that only your guests will be able to access the keys inside.
Price: $14 on Amazon

Airbnb Lockbox: How to Provide Self-Check-In to Your Guests | iGMS (2)

Where Can I Buy a Lockbox?

Some popular sources for buying an Airbnb lockbox include:

  4. The Home Depot

You can also visit a local hardware store to browse their range of lockboxes, and get a recommendation, before purchasing.

How to Safeguard Your Lockbox:

Although your Airbnb lockbox has been designed to last, things like temperature and environment can affect it. It’s best to take precautions to safeguard your lockbox so that it will work optimally.

Make it weather-resistant

If you live in a country that experiences extreme weather, like heavy rain or snowfall, it could damage or impact your lockbox. Don’t leave your lockbox exposed to harsh weather. Rainfall or freezing temperatures could jam the lockbox. You definitely don’t want to leave your guests in this situation, especially if it’s cold or raining.

Purchasing a cover for your Airbnb lockbox can help keep it dry, and prevent the keys from sustaining water damage or freezing. A cover can either be a slip for the keypad or an entire box that protects the device.

This is why you should be proactive and purchase a cover to go with your lockbox. You can attach the cover as you are doing the installation, which will save you the hassle of uninstalling the box later on to attach it.

If you don’t want to buy a cover, then make sure your safety box is installed in a dry area that will not receive direct rain or snow. A porch or veranda wall could work, otherwise, a sheltered garden fence is also a good option. Make sure you test the area first for weather resistance before installing your Airbnb lockbox.

Make it secure

A potential issue that hosts might face when using an Airbnb lockbox for self-check-in is the possibility of guests mishandling or damaging the lockbox. Though guests may not mean to mismanage the box, it could happen if they are not used to working with lockboxes. Pressing incorrect buttons, or typing in the wrong code too many times, could cause the lockbox to jam or shut down. Another problem could be guests not properly closing or securing the box after retrieving the keys. This leaves the box unlocked and exposed to petty criminals who could steal it.

Fortunately, thinking ahead can help you avoid these issues. Leave detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to open and close the lockbox for your guests. If your Airbnb lockbox is visible from the road, avoid leaving check-in instructions with the box, as strangers could stop and read them.

Another solution is purchasing a smart lockbox that allows you to send back-up codes to guests if the first one doesn’t work. A smart lockbox is also a safer option because it activates and grants access via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. It will be very difficult for a stranger to unlock it, as the unique code will only be sent to the guests checking in, and it can be reset after they leave.

Airbnb Lockbox: How to Provide Self-Check-In to Your Guests | iGMS (3)

Where Should I Install My Airbnb Lockbox?

There are two main places that a lockbox attaches to, which are walls and doors. It’s usually easier to install a lockbox on a door, but the downside is that it’s more visible, and it might be an easier target for pickpockets.

Installing your lockbox to a wall takes longer and may need specialized tools to get the job done. The benefit of this is that you have more options for deciding where to place it. You should strive to be savvy when installing your lockbox. Try to pick a spot that balances “well-hidden” with “easy-to-find”. Your box location should be discrete, but still accessible for your guests to find.

If you put it in a location that’s difficult to spot, guests might become irritated (especially at night) and they could write a negative review. To avoid this, send your guests detailed, clear instructions for finding your Airbnb lockbox on your property.

For private households

Avoid installing your lockbox in an area that’s visible from the road. Try to place it on the side or at the back of the house. If you live on a busy street, with lots of traffic and pedestrians, there is less risk of someone trying to access the lockbox. However, you should still aim to keep it hidden from people on the street. Here are some suggested areas to install your lockbox:

  • Along the side of the house installing the box on the side of your property is the easiest way to keep it out of sight, while still keeping it accessible for your guests.
  • In the backyard the backyard offers many options for safeguarding your Airbnb lockbox. You could install it on a backyard wall or fence. If you have trees or outdoor amenities, such as a pool or fire pit, you could place it near them to use as visible landmarks.
  • In the garden a garden is also a great location to hide your lockbox. It’s become popular for rental owners to hide their lockboxes in props, like under a fake rock or inside a fake hosepipe. Make sure you leave clear instructions for your guests where they can find them.

For apartment blocks

Pinpoint a place that is easy to find but not directly visible. You should not install your lockbox right near the street or an access gate.

If you are subletting a property, you might need to ask a landlord for permission to mount an Airbnb lockbox on the wall or door, to avoid any complaints.


Using an Airbnb lockbox can help guests feel safer when checking into your vacation rental. It can boost your rental bookings as many guests these days prefer a self-check-in option. Offering self-check-in can also improve the guest experience. Guests will be able to schedule a check-in time that best suits them, without having to worry whether someone will be able to meet them or not.

Another way to enhance your guests’ experience is by using vacation rental software, like iGMS, to streamline all essential business tasks. With iGMS, you can run your vacation rental business on autopilot by:

  • Managing all your rental listings on Airbnb,, Vrbo/HomeAway, etc., on our integrated channel manager
  • Automating your guest messaging, reviews and the check-in process
  • Accessing all your guest messages in one unified inbox
  • Inviting managers and cleaners to join your team and assigning tasks to them
  • Keeping track of your financial results with reporting tools.
  • Managing direct bookings using automation tools
  • Collect payouts by connecting your Stripe account to iGMS.

It’s so easy to ensure your guests have the best possible stay at your rental using iGMS to take care of business for you!

Automate Now

Airbnb Lockbox: How to Provide Self-Check-In to Your Guests | iGMS (2024)


How do you check-in with the lockbox Airbnb? ›

Users scroll on each wheel to select numbers for a combination that opens the lock (usually a four-digit code). Electronic and smart lockboxes — electronic or smart lockboxes are attached to a door and open automatically with the correct code, or by sharing access via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

How do I do a self check-in on Airbnb? ›

Adding self-check-in instructions to your Airbnb listing
  1. Go to Your listings on the website and select your listing.
  2. Click on Edit that is next to Guest resources.
  3. Click on Add self-check-in that is below Directions.
  4. Pick the way that guests will be able to access your listing.
29 Jan 2021

What is self check-in with Smart lock? ›

Self check-in means guests can access a place without needing the Host to be there. Any time after their designated check-in time on their arrival date, guests can conveniently gain access via: A key lockbox. A smartlock.

How does self check-in with lockbox work? ›

An Airbnb self check-in lockbox is a common solution. Place the key for the property inside the lockbox. Provide your guests with the code to access the lockbox when they arrive. For added security, you can reset the code before each new visitor arrives.

How does a check lockbox work? ›

A lockbox service works by directing a company's in-mail customer payments (checks and cash deposits) and remittance documents to a secure PO box location or mailing address that's easily accessible to their bank.

Does Airbnb send guest check-in instructions? ›

Once you create your instructions, we'll do the rest of the work for you: We'll automatically share your check-in instructions with confirmed guests three days before they arrive at your home.

How do you do a guest check-in? ›

Generally the process is:
  1. The guest arrives and heads to your reception/front desk.
  2. The guest is identified and has their details checked.
  3. Front desk staff will give the guest an introduction to the hotel.
  4. The guest will take note of amenities and regulations etc and ask any questions.

What is a self check-in? ›

What is self check-in? To summarise, it allows guests to gain access to the property without physical contact with the host, even outside of normal check-in hours. Any instructions or information that the guests may need can easily be sent electronically or provided in a leaflet that is left in the property.

How do I use my lockbox? ›

To lock Windows folders with My Lockbox, simply browse for a folder anywhere on your computer, and click "Lock." The status message on the left of the program should change from "Unlocked" to "Locked."

How do you enter a code into a lockbox? ›

How to access the CodeBox Lockbox - YouTube

How do you check-in with Airbnb keyboard? ›

In the 'Listing Details' tab, scroll to 'Guest Resources'. Click 'Edit' next to 'Check-In Instructions'. Select the method of self-check-in you use ('Smart lock', 'Keypad', 'Lockbox', or 'Building staff') and provide all the necessary instructions.

How do you activate a lockbox? ›

Turn Customer Lockbox requests on or off

Choose Settings > Org Settings > Security & Privacy. Select Security & Privacy, then select Customer Lockbox in the left column. Check the Require approval for all data access requests checkbox and save the changes to turn on the feature.

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