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Discover the latest fall winter 2024 fashion trends and the new collections for the season. Many fashion brands have launched their winter 2024 collection, read about them in the trend news below. Various trend forecasters report about the fall winter 2024 fashion trend forecasts including colors, fabrics, silhouettes, patterns, styles, and more for clothing collections in upcoming seasons. You will find trend information for womenswear, menswear, childrenswear, shoes and accessories.

Fashion Trendstop Fall/Winter2024 Collections to WatchTrendstop brings FashionUnited readers a look at some of the key men’s collections to watch from Fall/Winter 2024 edition of Fashion Month. Rethinking traditional menswear codes was a hallmark of FW24, with many designers upending the concepts of tailoring and workwear. Cultural references and genderfluid elements, underpinned by sustainable...loading...
BusinessFeaturedGanni forgoes CPHFW in favour of ‘Fabrics of the Future’ exhibitionDanish fashion brand Ganni is celebrating its 10th anniversary as a participant in Copenhagen Fashion Week (CPHFW) by foregoing a fashion show. Instead, the sustainability-oriented label is hosting a dedicated exhibition for forward-looking materials, such as Celium from Polybion, a pioneering alternative to synthetic fabrics made from...loading...
FairsThe spirit of the times: newcomers, returnees and German design at Pitti UomoWhile the relevance of fashion fairs is being debated, the 105th Pitti Uomo sent a strong signal in favour of the industry coming together. Instead of lamenting the current complicated economic situation, visitors and exhibitors in Florence took the time to let themselves be inspired by each other and reflect on the positive aspects of the...loading...
Fashion Seán McGirr to present debut Alexander McQueen collection at PFWBritish fashion house Alexander McQueen, part of Kering, has confirmed that new creative director Seán McGirr will present his debut collection during Paris Fashion Week in March. McGirr was announced as Alexander McQueen’s new creative director back in October 2023, replacing Sarah Burton, who stepped down from the role after 26 years with the...loading...
Fashion Daytime sequins: A trans-seasonal trend for 2024Using sequined garments in conjunction with tailored and other daytime pieces has emerged as a strong trend over recent seasons, seen both on the runways, as well on the streets during international fashion weeks. It’s a look that reflects consumer interest in technology and futurism, and is a wearable style that traverses the seasons. The...loading...
Fashion Featured‘Kenough’, cosy layers and revealing details: FW24 street styles from Milan and ParisDuring the FW24 season's men's fashion weeks in the fashion capitals of Milan and Paris, designers and their runway presentations were not the only ones to impress. Their guests also created individual looks and provided onlookers with quite a few contradictory style choices. While some guests opted for bare skin, others braved the wintry...loading...
Fairs |REPORT FeaturedModefabriek: Focus on womenswear and internationalisation at FW24 editionIt is an exciting time for the Dutch fair Modefabriek, which has been around since 1996, as it went through several changes in recent editions. For instance, it showed children's fashion again in winter 2023 and scrapped the separate men's section in the summer of the same year. Confusion ensued: was menswear welcome or not? Now, the focus has...loading...
Fashion Children's wear FW24 buyers guidePitti Bimbo 98 was held from January 17-19, 2024 and featured childrenswear for the FW24 season. It is considered to be the premier childrenswear show in Europe, both in size and in the quality of the brands on display. Many companies involved in the fair adhere to GOTS, (The Global Organic Textile Standard), whose label assures eco-friendly...loading...
Fashion FeaturedPolitical, quiet or extravagant: the menswear trends for FW24 from Paris and MilanWhile 'quiet luxury' has gained increasing momentum in menswear and brands such as Amiri and Gucci now send much subdued menswear creations down the runway, a few outliers stand out from the crowd. Rather than chunky knits in shades of brown and black and streamlined suits, these brands have added colour and a touch of glitter to their...loading...
Fashion Balmain accused of plagiarismOlivier Rousteing, creative director of Balmain, is accused of plagiarism. Sarah Diouf, founder of Senegalese brand Tongoro, claimed Balmain's accessories shown at its FW24 men's fashion show in Paris bore a resemblance to her designs. Dominika, the owner of London-based brand Selfhood Official, also accused Balmain of plagiarism. On Tongoro...loading...
Business |In Pictures FeaturedFW24: the dates of Paris Men's Fashion Week boost the womenswear marketWhen it comes to the FW24/25 collections no one could remain indifferent to the presence of female models and silhouettes on the runways of men's fashion shows over the past few weeks. As AFP reports: "Paris Fashion Week menswear, which took place from January 16 to January 21, 2024, transcended all binary notions and seamlessly mixed men's and...loading...
Fashion Quiet and not-so-quiet luxury at Paris Fashion WeekThe Paris Fashion Week menswear shows draw to an close on Sunday. Here are some of the highlights among the 40-plus runway shows of the past few days. Quiet luxury The watchword of high-end fashion last year was quiet luxury, thanks in large part to the success of TV show "Succession". Whether out of guilt at deepening social inequality or for...loading...

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Regarding the article you mentioned about fall/winter 2024 fashion trends and new collections, I can provide information related to the concepts used in the article. These concepts include:

  1. Fall/Winter 2024 Fashion Trends: The article mentions that various trend forecasters report on the fall/winter 2024 fashion trend forecasts, including colors, fabrics, silhouettes, patterns, and styles. These trend forecasts provide insights into the upcoming fashion trends for the season.

  2. Fashion Collections: The article mentions that many fashion brands have launched their winter 2024 collections. These collections include clothing for women, men, and children, as well as shoes and accessories. Fashion brands often release new collections each season to showcase their latest designs and styles.

  3. Rethinking Traditional Menswear Codes: The article highlights that in the fall/winter 2024 edition of Fashion Month, many designers upended the concepts of tailoring and workwear in men's fashion. This suggests that designers are exploring new approaches and challenging traditional norms in menswear.

  4. Sustainable Fashion: The article mentions that the Danish fashion brand Ganni celebrated its 10th anniversary by hosting a dedicated exhibition for forward-looking materials, such as Celium from Polybion, which is a pioneering alternative to synthetic fabrics. This indicates a growing focus on sustainability in the fashion industry.

  5. Fashion Weeks: The article mentions Paris Fashion Week and Copenhagen Fashion Week as platforms where fashion brands showcase their collections. These fashion weeks are important events in the industry and attract designers, buyers, and fashion enthusiasts from around the world.

These are some of the key concepts mentioned in the article. If you have any specific questions or would like more information on any of these topics, feel free to ask!

Fall Winter 2024 fashion trends and new collections (2024)
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