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Pattaya Real Estate Trends

Learn more about the Pattaya property market through trends and average prices.

How affordable is it to live in Pattaya?

Luxury Real Estate for Sale in Pattaya (1)The median sales price is approximately $103,458 in PattayaLuxury Real Estate for Sale in Pattaya (2)The median price per square meter in Pattaya is $1,988Luxury Real Estate for Sale in Pattaya (3)The Pattaya area currently has 149 properties for sale

What is the average price of a Property in Pattaya?

Property SizeAvg. PriceStudio (View 499 Properties)$61,7591 Bedroom (View 1,272 Properties)$97,3562 Bedrooms (View 591 Properties)$199,3893 Bedrooms (View 286 Properties)$290,472 4 Bedrooms (View 130 Properties)$432,352

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All You Need to Know About Pattaya

Luxury Real Estate for Sale in Pattaya (4)

Pattaya is a resort city and has the second-largest tourism market in Thailand. Located on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand, it is also one of the most developed cities in the country. Formerly a quiet and peaceful fishing village, this city has transformed into a metropolis and is often compared to Bangkok in terms of lifestyle. It attracts millions of tourists for its incredible beaches, gastronomic scenes, vibrant nightlife, and laidback atmosphere. It offers tourists numerous activities and attractions. The growing amount of visitors has had a significant impact on the real estate sector as the city gradually develops its residential and commercial buildings. Pattaya also has a vast retired expat population because of its low cost of living and exotic settings.

Pattaya is part of the Eastern Economic Corridor and the government has invested 1.5 trillion Baht into EEC infrastructure projects in the next five years. The development of the high-speed train that will link three major airports to the city will make Pattaya the center of the eastern region. The main airport in the region is U-Tapao Rayong-Pattaya International Airport, 33 kilometers south of town. It serves a small number of domestic flights as well as international flights to England (seasonal) and China. Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport is 110 kilometers from the city center, making it relatively close and the best choice for international visitors who wish to visit the city.

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Luxury Real Estate Types in Pattaya

Pattaya offers a huge selection of Luxury Real Estate, from luxurious villas, stylish apartments, to high-rise condominiums. The majority of real estate has a western or Thai design with western appliances. Central Pattaya is the most populous area in the city and has high-end housings such as condominiums. This area is recommended for people who wish to live close to work. The Luxury Real Estate characteristics in South Pattaya is similar to the Central as it is known to be a working area occupied mostly by Thai people and few long term expats. This area is quieter since it is far from the shoreline. The recent development of new condominiums is attracting buyers to invest in South Pattaya.

Pratumnak Hill is one of the most exclusive parts of the city due to its stunning sea views and green spaces. The area offers beachfront properties and apartments overlooking the ocean. The fastest growing and most affordable part of the city is Jomtien and it is an excellent location for investors with a limited budget. The most elite and expensive part of Pattaya is Naklua or Wong-amat because of the possibility to build right next to the beach. The area is lined with beachfront properties and high-rise condominiums.

Popular Parts of Pattaya

  • Walking Street is the biggest party hotspot in Thailand and is located in the center part of the Pattaya city, the street stretches for about 500 kilometers. No vehicles are allowed on the street from 7.00 pm to 3.00 am. The street is brimming with bars, restaurants, go-go bars, cabaret shows, and nightclubs.
  • Pratumnak Hill is called the Beverly Hills of Pattaya. It is home to the iconic Big Buddha, the Buddhist holy site that provides spectacular views to the city center. The beach here is very clean and offers a calm ambiance. The sea has clear water which makes it a good place to swim. It is also one of the quietest beaches in Pattaya.
  • Jomtien is a popular tourist area with a significant population of expats. It has a lively nightlife scene as well as beautiful beaches. Dongtan beach boasts the largest LGBT beach-goers in Southeast Asia, while Jomtien Beach is especially popular with Thai families. Visitors can also enjoy Pattaya Park and Tower that features a large whirlpool.
  • Wongamat is among the best beaches in the area. Nestled in a crescent-shaped bay in the northern part of Greater Pattaya, the beach is filled with beachfront hotels and resorts. It is well maintained and family-friendly. The beach is still frequented by small fishing boats.
  • Pattaya City Center is home to Central Festival shopping mall that provides international brand shops, a cinema, children’s arcade, bowling, and a variety of restaurants. Visitors can also find high-end hotels, bars, spas, and souvenir shops.

There are many other popular attractions in Pattaya such as Sanctuary of Truth, Anek Kusala Sala, Underwater World Pattaya, Ko La, Cartoon Network Amazone, and Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum.

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Standard of Living in Pattaya

Pattaya can be expensive or affordable depending on your lifestyle choices. The city is overflowing with top-end accommodation, shopping malls, and restaurants. However, affordable options are also available. For a more cost-effective lifestyle, you can choose basic to medium class housing and eat in street food vendors that offer a wide range of delightful food. Nakula, Pratamnak, and East Pattaya are the most popular area for expats. Mainly because of the amenities and relaxed shoreline vibe.

Getting around in the city is fairly easy because Pattaya has numerous transportation options. A songthaew is the most popular and cheapest way of getting around Pattaya, with only 10 Baht per person. For a quicker journey, you can opt for motorcycle taxis as they are faster than any other form of transport but can be more expensive than the songthaew. Trips within Pattaya should cost around 30 Baht to 40 Baht. Taxis can be found outside shopping malls, be aware that they don’t usually use the meter so you have to agree on the fare before getting in.

Citizens of 55 countries including the UK, USA, and various European countries can stay in the country without a visa for up to 30 days. Visitors can also apply for a longer stay visa. Visa on arrival is available for nationals of 24 countries such as China and India. All visitors must hold a passport that is valid for at least six months.

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3 Reasons to Invest in Luxury Real Estate in Pattaya

  • Return of Investment: The city has a high and steady demand for condo rentals. A Condominium around the city center can generate a return of about 6% while luxurious villas can yield about 12% when rented as holiday rental units. Within 24 to 30 months, properties can produce around 30% return of investment.
  • Healthcare: The hospitals and medical facilities in Pattaya offer high-quality services at an affordable cost. The hospitals also provide a wide range of medical treatments performed by highly skilled doctors. In fact, the city is a popular medical tourism destination with 11 percent of all medical tourists that visit Thailand chose Pattaya as their destination.
  • Connectivity: Pattaya is only a 2-hour drive from the capital city of Bangkok. The new motorways make it possible for residences to commute to work from Bangkok. Its proximity to Bangkok Airport and U-Tapao Airport has made traveling to all domestic and international destinations fast and easy.
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