M & Y Chinese Therapeutic Massage - Huntsville, AL 35816 - Services and Reviews (2024)

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M & Y Chinese Therapeutic Massage - Huntsville, AL 35816 - Services and Reviews (2)

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Sunday12–9 PM
Monday10 AM–9 PM
Tuesday10 AM–9 PM
Wednesday10 AM–9 PM
Thursday10 AM–9 PM
Friday10 AM–9 PM
Saturday10 AM–9 PM


Massage Spa
Body waxing
Table Body Massage
Foot Massage
Combo Massage
Chair Massage
Full Body Massage

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Address: 4925 University Dr NW #170, Huntsville, AL 35816

Phone: (256) 684-3867

Website: http://mychinesetherapeuticmassage.com/

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Lawrence Osborne Jr (LarBear)

This was my first massage ever. My chiropractor recommended it. The staff were great, but they spoke very little English, so you can point at which service you want and they know enough to get by, to talk to them I used Google translate and I learned that they speak Simplified Chinese and so I just translated it, no biggie. For 30 minutes of a back rub it was $35. It was to the point, no appointment necessary and they’re open late. I called other places that wanted me to pay $70 to $120 and even sign yearly contracts and I just hung up. This place definitely was great.

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Jennifer Hooper

This place must be the best kept secret in Huntsville. M&Y is able to find my troubled areas and really work them out. The facility is clean, the workers are kind, and their work is fantastic. Your back will thank you after one visit.

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Linda O

I was very specific of area of massage..my shoulder neck back area..she kept pressing on my entire body going from my neck to feet. After asking several times and realizing she could not understand english i left…horrible service!

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Chrisitan Murray

I’ve been twice. Not super fancy digs but the actual massages are great. Unfortunately, my second visit ended with extortion. I paid for the hour massage, and an additional $15 to have my feet focused on more (something that was already included at no additional cost the first time). Then when I gave a tip of $10, the person held up a typed message on her phone that a 20% tip was required. I assume she was not comfortable enough with her English to say this directly. In any case tipping amounts should be decided by the customer and thus I will not return. It felt slimy.

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Candace McCoy

Nothing to fancy with the service but the massage is great! If you’re a first timer like me than the 30 min will be just enough! If only they offered a salt room massage…I’d be here every week

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tommy Kohut

Very relaxing. I got the combo 30 min foot rub and 1 hour back rub for 80 Dollars. I left a 10 dollar tip. The do not offer shower table. I am a fan of being washed so…

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Amy Payne

I just got a massage here for the first time. My masseuse was AMAZING!! She used the right amount of pressure so that I wasn’t uncomfortable. She spent the most time on my back where the tension builds & my muscles knot. She was very professional & courteous. I feel completely relaxed & stress-free!

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Caleb Doerr

Relaxing, professional, and good quality. Cost is a little better than a few other massage locations around Huntsville.

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David Guthrie

Best massage and as good workers as one could possible ask for. Highly recommend it.

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Madison Black

I don’t usually leave reviews but I’ve been to this place a hand full of times and it’s always consistent. Very relaxing and the best massage you can get around here for the best price. I got one about an hour ago and it was the best massage I’ve received out of the many I’ve had. It’s almost like she knew where my back was hurting because I left feeling like a brand new person.

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M & Y Chinese Therapeutic Massage - Huntsville, AL 35816 - Services and Reviews (2024)


Do you wear clothes for Chinese massage? ›

For an Oriental massage, it is beneficial to remove clothes down to your underwear. The therapist will leave the room, and knock to see if you are ready, and already lying under the towel on the massage table. Your therapist will work on your jin, the soft tissue which connects the body.

What is the difference between Chinese massage and deep tissue massage? ›

While Swedish deep tissue massage is more relaxing, Chinese therapeutic massage is mainly aimed at releasing muscle knots formed from long-term muscle contraction, spasm, or repetitive inflammation. The more severe the muscle problem is, the more tender the area feels while being worked on in Chinese therapeutic style.

What to expect from a Chinese massage? ›

During a Chinese massage therapy session, you can expect to lie down on a massage table or sit in a chair while the therapist applies pressure and performs various manual techniques to stimulate acupressure points and promote healing.

What is Chinese Yang massage? ›

The chi yang massage is based on traditional Chinese folk medicine. It is a combination of acupressure, relaxation and beauty massage. The aim of the chi yang massage is to activate the energy flow in the body and to loosen internal blockages.

Do you keep your bra on during a massage? ›

No you do not have to take your underwear or bra off during a massage. As always, you (the client) only undresses to your comfort level. If you want to take everything off that's up to you – whatever you're comfortable with.

How much do you tip at a Chinese massage parlor? ›

Tipping about 20% is customary in the "spa realm," says Taelour Wagler, a licensed massage therapist and owner of The Middle Wellness Center in Grand Junction, Colorado. (That's about how much to tip a hairdresser, too.)

Is Chinese massage good for back pain? ›

Tuina massage offers many benefits, including its ability to boost blood circulation, reduce neck pain and tightness, relieve lower back pain, ease carpal tunnel syndrome, and promote healthy lactation.

How long after a massage do you feel the benefits? ›

There is a possibility you may feel sore for 24-48 hrs after the massage but that will ease and eventually disappear in the next 24-48 hours. An increase in circulation in your muscles will mean better mobility and range of motion a decrease in pain, stress and tension and also promote a good night's sleep.

Why is Chinese massage so good? ›

Unlike Deep Tissue or Sports Massage, which focus on releasing tight muscular knots by targeting blood flow to the area, Chinese Massage techniques also aim to promote overall health by easing the flow of energy, or “qi”, around the body.

What is cupping in Chinese massage? ›

In Chinese, cupping is known as "pulling-up jars" (Chinese: 拔罐; pinyin: báguàn). According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), cupping is done to dispel stagnation (stagnant blood and lymph), thereby improving qi flow, in order to treat respiratory diseases such as the common cold, pneumonia and bronchitis.

What is a Jing massage? ›

The Jing Method™ blends the best of advanced bodywork techniques from both East and West including trigger point, fascial work, acupressure and stretching with a truly holistic approach based on the biopsychosocial model of pain and modern neuroscience.

Do you wear clothes for full body massage? ›

Wear as much or as little clothing as you'd like during the massage. When it's time for your appointment, feel free to take off some, all, or none of your clothing. Most people dress down to their underwear for the first time, while others are completely fine being naked under the massage blanket.

Do you wear clothes under robe for massage? ›

If you're concerned about what to wear under the robe, don't be. Most people are nude under those spa robes, but it's perfectly O.K. to leave your undies on if you feel more comfortable. Many spas also offer disposable underwear just for that purpose.

How to prepare for a Chinese massage? ›

A: Avoid having a massage on a full stomach. It is best to have a light meal about one to two hours before the session. However, you know your body best, so don't go hungry to avoid the possibility of feeling lightheaded.

What do you wear after a full body massage? ›

Wear loose, comfortable clothes. For some, wearing comfortable clothing can automatically trigger muscle relaxation. Also, muscle soreness may vary after the massage is over, so loose clothes may be easier (and more comfortable!) for you to put on before you leave the clinic.

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