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  • Experiencing Mr. V’s (AKA Victor Font) DJ sets, original productions, or remixes is like taking a trip back in time to dance music’s golden age. Before superstar DJs took over the spotlight, dance music was a cultural phenomenon that did what no other..

    Growing up in the 1980’s the open-minded Mr. V was heavily influenced by House, Hip-Hop, Latin, Garage and Disco classics, Rhythm & Blues and Jazz. Mr. V was enamored by the role a DJ commanded over a crowd and was taken by the talents of his friend Lord G., who had a weekly Thursday night party in New York City. Despite wanting to be a professional DJ, it wasn’t until he met the legendary Louie Vega that he found his calling. “Louie used to have his party called “Underground Network,” and that’s where I discovered a deeper taste for house music. I always wanted to be a DJ, but Louie’s type of music – that whole soulful sound – is what I wanted to play,” says Mr. V. Louie Vega saw the drive and potential in Mr. V and hired the young Nuyorican DJ / producer as his assistant at the world famous Masters At Work label. In this position Mr. V was given a rare glimpse into the global dance scene and before long was taking to the decks alongside his mentor. Currently, Mr. V is one of the fastest rising names on the circuit. Stylistically, Mr. V has a wildly eclectic sound that brings spontaneity back to the art of DJing.In addition to his busy DJ schedule – Mr. V has displayed his turntable talents at many popular nightclubs across the globe – he is also making quite a name for himself as a producer. In 2004 Mr. V launched his own label Sole Channel Music as a way to release music with complete control and artistic freedom. To date, he has many singles on the label including his most famous track, “Jus Dance”. Mr. V has also released Original Productions, Collaborations and Remixes for other labels including Vega Records, King Street Sounds, Flamingo Records, Defected Records, Play It Down, Strictly Rhythm and many more. Combining his multifaceted skills as a DJ / Producer / Remixer, and with an ear towards dance music’s roots, Mr. V is a name to watch out for!


    Selected discography

    Original Productions:- Mr.V - "Un Dia Bonito" - SOLE channel Music 2005- Mr.V - "Somethin' (Wit' Jazz)" - SOLE channel Music 2005- Mr.V - "Jus' Dance" - Vega Records 2005- Mr.V - "The Drum" - Vega Records 2005-Mr.V featuring Miss Patty and Alix Alvarez "DEEP"(House Music) - Ricanstruction Label 2004- Mr.V - "In Loving Memory" - SOLE channel Music 2004- Mr.V - "Revolution" - SOLE channel Music 2004- Mr.V – “Make Peace” Vega/Defected Records 2006- Mr.V – “It’s Broke” – Vega/Defected Records 2006-Miss Patty – “You Ain’t Treating Me Right” - SOLE channel Music 2005-Mr.V feat. Selan – “Bring Your Rhythm” – Vega/Defected Records 2006- Mr.V – “Mr.Bongo” – Vega/Defected Records 2006- Mr.V – “SOLE-Ocho” – SOLE channel Music 2006-Mr.V – “All The Way” – SOLE channel Music 2007-Mr.V - “H.O.U.S.E” - SOLE channel Music 2008-Mr.V - “Circle Track” - SOLE channel Music 2008-Mr.V feat. Miss Patty - “And I Know” - SOLE channel Music 2008-Mr.V - “Below Your Radar” - SOLE channel Music 2008-Mr.V - “Bring The Beat Back” - SOLE channel Music 2009-Mr.V - “I Can Sing” - SOLE channel Music 2009-Mr.V - “Breakers Theme” - SOLE channel Music 2009-Mr.V - “Yo” - SOLE channel Music 2009-Mr.V feat. Big Daddy - “It’s About You” - Under My Skin Records 2010-Mr. V & Reelsoul - “This Is Moxa” - Rebirth/Moxa 2011-Mr. V - Essential Accapellas Volume 1 - SOLE channel Music 2011-Mr. V - “The 1, 2” - SOLE channel Music 2012-Mr. V - “Keep Bouncing” - Muzik 4 Tomorrow 2012-Mr. V & Oveous Maximus - “Gettin High” - Muzik 4 Tomorrow 2012-Mr. V - “Origins” - Muzik 4 Tomorrow 2012-Mr. V - “Breakers Theme 2” - Muzik 4 Tomorrow 2012-Mr. V Feat. Carlos Mena & Pablo Fierro - “Fire La Chocha” - SOLE channel Music 2012-Mr. V Feat. Miss Patty & Chrue - “Coquito” (Move My Body) - Muzik 4 Tomorrow 2012-Mr. V - “H.O.U.S.E” (2012 Remixes) - SOLE channel Music 2012-Mr. V & Miss Patty - “Feel Like Dancin” - SOLE channel Music 2013Remixes:-Jihad Muhammed feat. Carolyn Victorian - "Melt In U" - Hustle Music - 2005-Dj Romain & Jon Cutler Feat. Jeannie Hopper - "De Ja Vu" - King St. Sounds – 2005-Roy Ayers – “I Am Your Mind” - Rapster Records - 2005-Johnny Dangerous – “Beat That Bitch” - King St. Sounds – 2006-Dj Pap feat. Cei-Bei – “Your Too Close” - CityDeep Music –2006-Demarkus Lewis feat. Lady Sah – “Untitled Love Affair” - Shack Music – 2006- Miss Patty – “Get Over It” - SOLE channel Music – 2006- Mayu – “Stretch My Arms” – King Street Sounds – 2006- Tiger Stripes – “Missing You” – Slip n’ Slide – 2006-Osunlade – “Soul Galactic” – King St. Sounds 2006-Peven Everette - “Everyday Girl” - Abb Soul Records 2006-A Taste Of Honey’s – “Essential” – Women On Wax Records 2008- Blaze – “Breathe” – Slip n’ Slide Records 2007-Roland Clark - “Have A Good Time” - King Street Sounds 2007-Studio Apartment feat. Blaze - “The Rising Sun” - King Street Sounds 2007- Phonique - “John” - Dessous Records 2007- Jill Scott - “Hate On Me” - Hidden Beach Recordings 2007-Jay Sean - “Maybe” - 2point9records 2008-V - “Born Again” [Mr.V & Boddhi Satva Remix] - Vega Records 2008-Soni - “Here To Stay” - Vega Records 2008-Miss Patty - “Get To Know You” - SOLE channel Music 2008-The Martin East Project feat. Jared Douglas - “Release” - Kappa Music 2009-Chris Domingo feat. Isabell - “Get You On” - DB Records 2009-Kaje feat. Sacha Williamson - “Butterflies” - SOLE channel Music 2009-The Layabouts - “Give Me Your Trust” - Papa Records 2009-Hardrive - “Deep Inside” - Strictly Rhythm Records 2009-Krimp - “Get Up” - Strictly Rhythm Records 2009-Libby - “Burning Bridges” - Deep Sugar Music 2009-E-man & Doc Link - “Flipscapes” - Liberate 2009-Dasoul & Fabry Diglio feat. Nadine Navarre - “Direction” - SOLE channel Music 2009-Urban Soul feat. Roland Clark - “My Urban Soul” - King Street Sounds 2010-Byron Stingly - “No Limit” - Large Records 2010-Distant People feat. Chappell - “Just Do It” - SOLE channel Music 2010-DJN Project & Nef Nunez feat. Joell Ortiz - “Be With Me” - SOLE channel Music 2010-DeepCitySoul feat. Rainy Payne - “Remember Me” - SOLE channel Music 2010-Razor N’ Guido feat. Tara Harrison - “Without You” - Nervous Records 2010-Athena Noelle - “Inamorata” - Silver Blue Records 2010-Stephanie Cooke - “Feels So Good” - SOLE channel Music 2011-B.Original & Damir Pushkar feat. J.A.M.O.N - “Hot” - Muzik 4 Tomorrow 2011-PolyRhythm - “AfroCuba” - Muzik 4 Tomorrow 2011-B.A.M & Reelsoul - “Wake Up” - SOLE channel Music 2011-Saliva Commandos - “Conga Fonga” - Launch Entertainment 2011-Ralph Sessions feat. E-Man - “Release The Demons” - Seshfied Recordings 2011-Musiq Soulchild - “Anything” - Atlantic Recordings 2011-Agev Munsen Feat. Roland Clark - “The Thing About Deep” Feat. Rico Delargo - Vega Records 2011-Dj Jet Feat. Zg. Dr. - “Mama Wami” - Muzik 4 Tomorrow - 2012-“The Wizard” Brian Coxx feat. Roland Clark - “The Deeper I Go” - Soulgasm Music 2012-A. Salih - “Better Days” - SOLE channel Music 2012-Steve Bug & Mr. V - “The Long Run” - Desseous Recordings 2012-Hanna Hais - “Mon Soleil” - Muzik 4 Tomorrow 2012-Tony Noodles - “Coqui” - Kings Of Groove 2013-Roland Nights - “Til The Morning” - Lost My Dog 2013-Danny Foster - “Look How We Carry On” - Groove Oddyssey 2013-Aldo Kapone - “Get Up” - Map Dance Records 2013Collaborations:-Anane feat. Mr.V – “Move, Bounce, Shake” - Vega Records - 2005- Anane feat. Mr.V - "Let Me Love You" - Vega Records - 2005- Halo feat. Mr.V - "Change" - Large 2005-Louie Vega feat. Mr.V - "V Get’s Jazzy (2005)" - Vega Records - 2005-The Househedz - "The Anthem" - Underground Collective Recordings 2003-Franck Roger feat. Mr.V – “Come Back To Me” – Real Tone Records-Mr.V feat. Miss Patty – “Da Bump” – Vega/Defected Records 2006-Mr.V & Louie Vega – “Put Your Drink Down” – Vega/Defected Records 2006-Oskido feat. Mr.V & Miss Patty - “South Africa” - EISH Music 2006-Mr.V feat. XL – “On Da Grind” – Vega/Defected Records 2006-Mr.V feat. Jae Barz & Leah Beabout – “Wind Your Body” – Vega/Defected Records 2006-Copyright feat. Mr.V & Miss Patty - “Shake sh*t Up” - Defected 2008-Mr.V & Alix Alvarez - “Move” - SOLE channel Music 2008-Miss Patty - “Get To Know You” - SOLE channel Music 2008-Studio Apartment feat. Mr.V - “I Want U 2 Move” - Purple Music 2009-Nacho Vega & Ben Tom feat. Mr.V - “It’s A Party” - Soul Selection Music 2009-Bob Sinclar feat. Mr.V - “In The Ghetto” - Yellow Productions 2009-Andy Caldwell feat. Mr.V - “It’s Guud” - Uno Recordings 2009-Ben Tom feat. Mr.V - “It’s A Party” - Soul Selection Music 2009-Fedde Le Grand feat. Mr.V - “Back N’ Forth” - Flamingo Records 2010-Tommy Vee & Mr.V - “Bang Bang” - Airplane Records 2010-Dj Youngblood & Dj FNX - “Adrar” [Mr. V Edit] - Muzik 4 Tomorrow 2011-Julius Papp & Mr. V - “Chicago Tribute” - Salted Music 2011-Sergio Mauri Feat. Mr. V - “Love Is A Journey” - The Siam Music Group 2011-Pink Fluid Feat. Mr. V - “We Rock The World” - Sound Division 2011-Tommy Vee feat. Mr. V & Miss Patty - “Press Play” - Airplane Records 2012-Steve Bug & Mr. V - “The Long Run” - Dessouss Recordings 2012-Chris Minus & Mr. V - “The End” - Play It Down 2013Compilations:-The Soul, The Sweat, The Energy - Shack Music 2007-Strictly Rhythm Volume 2 Mixed By Mr.V - Strictly Rhythm 2009-Mix The Vibe - Mixed by Mr.V - King Street Sounds 2010

Mr. V · Biography · Artist ⟋ RA (2024)
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