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Herniated Discs: When is Surgery Necessary?
Yoon W W, Koch J
EFORT Open Rev
2021 Jun 28;6(6):526-530.
doi: 10.1302/2058-5241.6.210020

Possible Correlation Between Kyphosis of Lumbar Osteoporosis Fractures and the Spinal Signal Intensity Ratio (SSIR)
Omar Pacha T, Ghasemi A, Omar M, Graulich T, Krettek C, Yoon W W, Stubig T
May 2021 International Journal of Spine Surgery 15(3):8069 DOI:10.14444/8069

Vertebroplasty for vertebral fragility fractures in the ‘very elderly’: experience from a regional UK spine unit
A Sahota, T Ong, A Kumar, L Simmonds, W W Yoon, K Salem, O Sahota
Osteoporosis Int
2021 Feb;32(2):395-396

doi: 10.1007/s00198-020-05770-w. Epub 2021 Jan 4

Essential lordosis revisited.
Hershkovich O, D’Souza A, Rushton PRP, Onosi IS, Yoon WW, Grevitt MP. Bone Joint J. 2020 Apr;102-B(4):513-518. doi: 10.1302/0301-620X.102B4.BJJ-2019-1069.R1. PMID: 32228067

Does pre-operative magnetic resonance imaging of the lumbar multifidus muscle predict clinical outcomes following lumbar spinal decompression for symptomatic spinal stenosis?
M Zotti, F Vilas-Boas, T Clifton, M Piche, WW Yoon, B J C Freeman
Eur Spine J. 2017 Oct;26(10):2589-2597. doi: 10.1007/s00586-017-4986-x. Epub 2017 Feb 8. PMID: 28180981

Metal concentrations in the blood and tissues after implantation of titanium growth guidance sliding instrumentation.
E Lukina, A Laka, M Kollerov, M Sampiev, P Mason, P Wagstaff, H Noordeen, WW Yoon, G Blunn
Spine J. 2016 Mar;16(3):380-8. doi: 10.1016/j.spinee.2015.11.040. Epub 2015 Dec 2. PMID: 26656164

The outcome of pedicle screw instrumentation removal for ongoing low back pain following posterolateral lumbar fusion
M G Zotti, O P Brumby-Rendell, B McDonald, T Fisher, C Tsimiklis, WW Yoon, O Osti
Journal of Spine Surgery September 2015

The role of nanotopography in the development of tissue engineered 3D organs and tissues using mesenchymal stem cells
S Salmasi, D M Kalaskar, WW Yoon, G Blunn, A M Seifalian
World journal of stem cells March 2015

In-vivo analysis of retrieved growth guidance sliding LSZ-4D devices for early-onset scoliosis treatment and in-vitro investigation of nitinol wear resistance
E Lukina, WW Yoon, M Kollerov, J Meshwania, D Wertheim, P Mason, P Wagstaff, A Laka, H Noordeen, G Blunn
Spine Jan 2015

The use of ultrasound in comparison to radiography in magnetically controlled growth rod lengthening measurement: A prospective study
WW Yoon, A C Chang, P Tyler, S Raniga, S Butt, H Noordeen
European Spine Journal Sept 2014

Improvement of pulmonary function in children with eraly onset scoliosis using magnetic growth rodsWW Yoon, F Sedra, Shah, Suken, F Muntoni, C Wallis, H NoordeenSpine July 2014

Medial Patello-femoral reconstruction for the treatment of chronic patellofemoral instability: A Systematic Review of Evidence
A Patel, A Anand, A Rashid, WW Yoon
Journal of Orthopaedics 2011;8(4)e5

Septic arthritis in end-stage renal disease patients
P Jaiswal, J Wong, WW Yoon, J Reidy
EBJIS Vol 25, p 60 (2006)

Design and Application of Combined Hip-Knee Intramedullary Joint Replacements
PS Walker, WW Yoon, G Bentley, S Cannon, S Muirhead-Alwood.
Journal of Arthroplasty Vol. 14 No. 8 1999

Published Abstracts

Medium-term magnetic resonance imaging follow-up shows no significant caudal disc degeneration in both posterior and anterior spinal fusions for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis
WW Yoon, A Awais, N Williams, M Selby
The Spine Journal Vol 16, 4S April 2016

Cervical spinal cord injury assessment based on the Diffusion Tensor Imaging and Finite Element Analysis
M Czyż, P Szewczyk, WW Yoon, W Jarmundowicz, B M Boszczyk
The Spine Journal Vol 16, 4S April 2016

Improvement in pulmonary function tests following insertion of magnetic growth rods in early onset scoliosis (18 month FU)WW Yoon, F Shabani, A Zaveri, H NoordeenBritish Association of Spinal Surgeons (Norwich 2013)Eur Spine J Vol. 22, Supplement 1, pp 54-78 2013

Thoracic pedicle screw insertion – Caderveric and CT studyWW Yoon, A Zaveri, F Shabani, H NoordeenBritish Association of Spinal Surgeons (Norwich 2013)Eur Spine J Vol. 22, Supplement 1, pp 54-78 2013

Management of Calcaneal Fractures – Conservative vs Operative – Is it a load of old Bohler’s?
WW Yoon, A Das, S Gadikoppula, S Ilyas, S Raza
Presentation May 2008
Vol 91-B, Issue Supp_II 80-80 JBJS Br 2009

Epidural Anaesthesia in Spinal Surgery: Post-operative bladder distention – A silent complication.
WW Yoon, C Natali
Society for Back Pain Research, Warwickshire, November 2005.
Vol 90-B, Issue SUPP II, 224 JBJS (Br) 2008

Iatrogenic Scoliosis and the transverse process
WW Yoon, C Natali
Society for back pain research, Warwickshire, November 2005.
Vol 90-B, Issue SUPP_II, 224 JBJS Br 2008


Integrating Cardiology for Nuclear Medicine Physicians (Eds.) A Movahed, G Gnanasegaran, J Buscombe, M Hall. Chapter – Trans-myocardial re-vascularisation.

J Jayakumar, WW Yoon, PLC Smith (Springer 2009)

Chapter: Tibial Fractures and Spinal Fractures (WW Yoon, N Heidari)

Paediatric Fractures and dislocations

A M Weinberg, A Hasler, L. R Von Laer (Thieme 2013)


Integrating Cardiology for Nuclear Medicine Physicians (Eds.) A Movahed, G Gnanasegaran, J Buscombe, M Hall. Chapter – Trans-myocardial re-vascularisation.
J Jayakumar, WW Yoon, PLC Smith (Springer 2009)

Medical Textiles

Morris H, Murray R
Chapter on Non implantable medical textiles (braces scoliosis)
Yoon W W

Routledge 2022

1996 – Distinction in Clinical Biochemistry
1997 – Distinction for BSc Research Project
FEA of intramedullary hip knee joint prostheses
1998 – Design Prize in Orthopaedics (RNOH)
2010 – Mike Freeman Prize (Royal London Hospital)
Orthopaedic and Trauma Society)
2013 – Charles Manning Award (Scoliosis Research)
2013 – Spinal Research Stanmore (SRSt) Award
2015 – Adelaide University Teaching Award

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