Perth Royal Show Fireworks (2023)

1. Things To See And Do | Perth Royal Show

  • Perth's iconic Flight Centre Fireworks Spectacular on the Main Arena each night. Times: 8:15pm each night. Location: Map ref G4.


2. Perth Royal Show | 23 - 30 September 2023

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  • Showcasing over 400 entertainers, 300 performances and endless hours of enjoyment - the Perth Royal Show is a much loved cultural and community event.

3. What's On | Perth Royal Show

  • Enjoy our stage shows, exciting performances, fireworks spectacular and so much more! Find Out More. SHOW RIDES. Show Rides. Adrenaline junkies, Ferris Wheel ...


4. Perth Royal Show - Facebook

5. Perth Royal Show: Public Holiday sun a hit at WA's famous annual event

  • 5 days ago · ... Perth Royal Show on Sept 25, 2023. ... “We have fine weather forecast for most of the week and our 3D drone show and interactive fireworks program ...

  • Families were all smiles at the Perth Royal Show on Monday as they took advantage of the great weather to enjoy one of the State’s great institutions.

6. Schedule of fireworks events - Department of Mines and Petroleum

  • CLAREMONT SHOWGROUNDS GRAYLANDS RD CLAREMONT WA 6010. Purpose. PERTH ROYAL SHOW 2023. Event Date. 30/09/2023. Approximate start time and duration. 8:00 PM. 10 ...

  • List of approved fireworks events.

7. Perth Royal Show

  • 7 days ago · ... show and Perth's best fireworks thanks to Flight Centre! 1 Graylands Road Claremont WA 6010. Australia. +−. Leaflet | © OpenStreetMap ...

  • Come celebrate the longest running and most iconic event in WA, the Perth Royal Show! Each year the Perth Royal Show brings over 400 entertainers,

8. perth royal show | Barb's Blog

  • (I was so impressed by the fireworks on Australia Day). The evening's activities were so much fun, Oz Rocketman and Horsepower, that it didn't matter to me if ...

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9. The Perth Royal Show 2023 | Tickets Dates & Venues -

  • 7 days ago · It's not just about farming, though; the Royal Show is a hub of entertainment with thrilling shows, concerts, and fireworks. Food lovers ...

  • The Perth Royal Show is a significant annual event in Western Australia, celebrating agriculture with captivating animal displays and innovations. It's not just about farming, though…

10. Fireworks Displays Perth

  • Every year we produce dazzling displays for major events around WA including Australia Day, Perth Royal Show, Chinese New Year, Ceremonies, Weddings, New Years ...

  • Professional fireworks displays, striking SFX and dazzling pyrotechnics in Perth and regional West Australia for all special events, festivals, fetes, parties and functions

11. Perth Royal Show - Common Times

  • All major attractions are free. The Perth Royal Show has 400 entertainers, 300 performances, nearly 100 hours of entertainment every day and nightly fireworks!

  • An online noticeboard to find and share local events and activity from community groups.

12. The Top 10 Things to See and Do at the Perth Royal Show

  • The highlight of September in Western Australia is upon us once again – so get ready, because the Perth Royal Show is back! On from September 28 to October ...

  • The highlight of September in Western Australia is upon us once again – so get ready, because the Perth Royal Show is back! On from September 28 to October 5, this year’s show, held at the Claremont Showground

13. Top Tips for Experiencing The Perth Royal Show on a Budget 2023

  • Sep 13, 2023 · If you don't mind a late night, the Flight Centre Fireworks Spectacular will not disappoint, which will be on every day of the show at 8.15pm.

  • Experience the magic of the Perth Royal Show 2023 without emptying your wallet! Find out how to make the most of your visit on a budget.

14. The Cheapskates' Guide To The Perth Royal Show - Urban List

  • ... fireworks spectacular, show jumping, dog shows, wood chopping and a speed painter. And don't forget to guess the weight of the baconer. Cuddle All Of The ...

  • ?If you’re anything like us, when you hear the words “Perth Royal Show” your heart skips a beat, but you also start seeing dollar signs in front of your eyes! With adulthood comes responsibility and having to think about your budget so you can afford avo on toast the next time you’re out having breakfast (and so you can afford that down payment on a house in the next 30 years, maybe.) Fear not! We have put together the ultimate cheapskates’ guide to the IGA Perth Royal Show, so you can still have loads of fun and get plenty of bang for your buck.


Is there fireworks at Perth Royal Show? ›

Perth's iconic Flight Centre Fireworks Spectacular on the Main Arena each night.

What time is the fireworks at Perth Royal Show? ›

21 September to 05 October 2023
Event DateApproximate start time and durationPurpose
Event Date 23/09/2023 24/09/2323 25/06/2023 26/09/2023 27/09/2023 28/09/2023 29/08/2023 30/09/2023 Saturday - SaturdayApproximate start time and duration 8:00 PM 14 minutesPurpose PERTH ROYAL SHOW 2023
5 more rows

What time does the Perth Royal Show start? ›

The Perth Royal Show is open from 10am to 9pm every day. Sideshow Alley and Taste WA stay open until late. Ticket sales at the gates close at 8pm.

What happened at the Royal Show in Perth? ›

A violent brawl broke out between a large group of teenagers at the Perth Royal Show on Saturday night. The young crowd could be seen throwing punches and aggressively pushing one another in front of the chair swing ride. Some of those involved were knocked to the ground during the out of control clash.

Where are the fireworks for Australia Day Perth? ›

Find the best spot

Compared to previous Australia Day Skyworks events, the light show will be positioned closer to the Perth foreshore (Langley Park) and less central over the Swan River. For the best experience, the City of Perth encourages viewing the City of Light Show from Langley Park.

What time do the entrance fireworks start? ›

“The fireworks have been timed for 9pm so everyone can see them before heading home ahead of any midnight celebrations. “I encourage our community to have fun and enjoy the celebrations safely.” For tips on how to make the most of the celebrations, visit New Year's Eve 2022 | Central Coast Council (

Do the royals do fireworks? ›

The Royals will also continue to have Friday Fireworks, Dollar Dog Nights on Tuesdays, and Price Chop Mondays. There are several other appreciation nights and theme nights, you can check out the full promotional schedule here.

How long does the Perth Royal Show last? ›

Perth Royal Show. 23 - 30 September 2023.

Are the fireworks on every night at Royal Adelaide Show? ›

The RAA Fireworks display will start at 9pm on weekends and 8pm during the week. The spectacle will set off from the centre of the Main Arena, and surrounding seating will be the best place to enjoy.

Is there fireworks at the Royal Adelaide Show? ›

A day at the Royal Adelaide Show wouldn't be complete without the nightly RAA Fireworks.

Can you take food to the Perth Royal Show? ›

Food & Drink Samples/Specials and BYO Picnic

There are lots of options when it comes to food. You can pack your own picnic and set up a spot on the grass near the Main Arena to watch the goings-on there while you eat.

Where can I watch fireworks in Vancouver WA? ›

Top 10 Best Fireworks Shows Near Vancouver, Washington
  • All "Fireworks Shows" results in Vancouver, Washington. Showing 1-10 of 10.
  • Waterfront Blues Festival. 8.9 mi. ...
  • ilani. 15.6 mi. ...
  • Oregon International Air Show. 17.4 mi. ...
  • Oaks Amusement Park. 11.5 mi. ...
  • Portland Rose Festival Foundation. 8.6 mi. ...
  • Blackjack Fireworks. ...
  • Providence Park.

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