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What’s a stop-start battery?

Car manufacturers are now producing cars with stop-start technology (SSV). Also known as Idle (intelligent) Stop-Star systems or just ISS. So, if your vehicle is built after 2010 or later and meets euro 5 standard or above you most likely have Stop-Start system and EFB or AGM type car battery. Generally speaking all never Volkswagen, Audi, Mazda, BMW, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Renault, and many more cars equipped with Stop-Start systems. These cars will switch off when you stop and then start as soon as you press the accelerator again. Batteries for these cars need to be specifically capable of handling this kind of technology. They need to be able to start the car possibly dozens of times a day. From only needing to start twice a day for the normal commuter – once when you go to work and once when you come home – the battery now needs to start your car at every traffic light.

In order to prevent damage to both your battery and the engine management system of your vehicle, specially developed stop-start batteries are required and the type you need is very specific to the type of car you are driving. Generally, you need to replace like-for-like, but Best Batteries Brisbane know stop-start technology and will replace your car’s battery with the right one. Also, reset and configures cars computers for a brand new replacement battery and a vehicle to work correctly.

What types of stop-start batteries does Best Batteries stock?

AGM batteries

Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) battery is a lead-acid battery. The acid is absorbed into a fibreglass material rather than remaining as a free-flowing liquid which increases its regenerative power. They are maintenance free, fast charging, with high power output, improved cycle life, excellent deep cycle properties and have a high cranking ability – even with a low state of charge. They can also be used with regenerative braking systems – a system in electric and hybrid vehicles where energy created through braking with electric motors is diverted to recharge the battery. These advanced systems need to quickly recharge the battery in bursts, needing very high rates of charge acceptance.Vehicles designed with AGM batteries should only have their battery replaced with another AGM battery all accessories on the vehicle like aircon, braking systems and lights have been designed specifically with this type of battery in mind.

EFB batteries

Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB) batteries are, like AGM batteries, lead-acid batteries. But are rather an enhanced version of the standard wet-flooded battery. The main benefits of EFB batteries are improved charge acceptance and greater cycle durability when operating in a low charge state. The plates are insulated from each other with a microporous separator. Between the plate and the separator, there is also a thick polyester lining. This material helps to stabilize the active material of the plates and extend the life of the battery. EFB batteries have a large number of charging cycles and can provide more than double the partial and deep discharge performance in comparison with conventional batteries. They are often installed in vehicles with simple automatic start-stop systems and due to their superior performance, batteries with EFB technology are also increasingly used as replacements for conventional lead-acid batteries.EFB batteries should only be replaced with another EFB or an AGM battery. Starter batteries with AGM or EFB technology are designed to meet the requirements of vehicles with start-stop systems. Normal car batteries cannot deal with the high demands which occur due to discharge during the stop phases. During continuous Stop and Restart phases

Brisbane mobile start-stop battery replacement

Best Batteries Brisbane are specialists in battery replacement. We are highly experienced in vehicle electrical system & have experience of more than 16 years in the industry. We know how important your vehicle is to you and we know the importance of fitting the right battery with the right vehicle. Our technicians have been highly trained before they are sent into the field to deliver service to our clients. We are available at any time of the day or night and right throughout the year. Whatever you need, we are there to help you. Give us a call and tell us where you are and what car you’re driving and we will be there in the shortest possible time with the right replacement battery for your vehicle needs.

We know Brisbane like the back of our hand and there is no place we cannot get to. You will find our technicians courteous, helpful and always willing to go the extra mile. Our friendly service will have you smiling in no time.

A Car Battery doesn’t choose day or time when to fail, so for example, if it brakes down on Fridaynight, this could ruin your weekend plans. Our mobile technicians can normally attend your vehicle the same day 24/7.

We have technicians with over 16 years of experience and our AGM batteries are brand new OEM so we can offer you
1 year, unlimited kilometresWarranty!

We cover all Brisbane areas

  • Brisbane CBD
    • Fortitude valley
    • Kangaroo Point
    • Southbank
    • Spring Hill
  • Brisbane East
    • Cannon Hill
    • Carindale
    • Coorparoo
    • Holland park
    • Manly
    • Norman park
    • Tingalpa
  • Brisbane Southside
    • Annerley
    • Calamvale
    • Mount Gravatt
    • Rocklea
    • Sunnybank
    • West End
    • Woolloongabba
  • Brisbane Westside
    • Indooroopilly
    • Kenmore
    • Mount Ommaney
    • Redbank
    • Sherwood
    • Toowong
  • Brisbane Northside

    How much should it cost to replace the AGM battery?

    AGM batteries are typically more expensive than the usual car battery. But it is because they are designed specifically to run the high-end electronics which are typical in modern vehicles. But their cost is offset by the fact that they tend to last a lot longer than normal batteries and are manufactured to perform better in cold and hot climates. Cheaper versions of batteries should not be used in vehicles designed for AGM batteries as they are likely to cause damage to the engine management system and other parts of the car that utilize the battery power.

    Great care should be taken when replacing an AGM battery and it is best to consult the advice of professionals like mobile car batteries replacement team of Best Batteries.

    What you can expect to pay for a new car battery replacement depends on a number of factors. While most of the standard lead-acid and calcium type maintenance free batteries will cost you between $200 to $320. If you do need Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB) for your car that is usually an increase of 30% or 1/3 cost to standard battery price of the same size. The same rule can be applied to Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) battery replacements. This will further increase the cost to 50% or ½ more to a standard battery replacement cost.

    Other factors that affect a battery price are Longer warranty period, special fitment casing and terminals or limitations to the range available to your application.

    Stop start battery replacement - Best Batteries (2024)
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