20 Cold Calling Scripts To Change Your Sales Game - UpLead (2024)

Cold calling is hard. It’s time-consuming and filled with rejection. And if you reach the right lead, you’ll have very few precious moments to explain the value of your option to them properly. So we compiled over 20 cold calling scripts to help you and your team be as effective as possible when cold calling.

With these templates, you can start your own scripts, improve your existing ones, and refresh your techniques.

Cold Calling Scripts: Quick Links

  1. 20+ Best Cold Calling Scripts and Examples
  2. Anatomy of a Cold Calling Script: Best Practices

20+ Best Cold Calling Scripts and Examples

Here are the best cold-calling scripts to solve all your needs.

1. Basic cold calling template

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This very simple template by MarketMeGood is the perfect start to any cold call. It focuses on the tone and types of words you should be using while keeping it short and sweet. You can easily adapt this very simple template to your business needs, and it works well as a go-to cold call template.

Why it works

The template’s main focus is gathering lots of information while using fewer questions. You can use the template and adapt it to your company’s needs (and to the customer profile you’re targeting).

Change the template with the right prospecting questions to make it work for your company. Then add the right process for each positive or negative answer.

Best for:

Any company needs a simple, adaptable cold calling template.

2. Setting up a meeting

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The best way to sell something is by pitching in person. This cold-calling script from Sales Outsourcing Service allows you to turn a phone conversation into an in-person meeting.

Why it works

This cold calling script is made to transform your phone contact into a face-to-face meeting via the fewest number of lines possible. With it, you’re telling your prospect that you value their time. So you’re asking them to schedule a better time for you to sell them your product.

While you sacrifice some time, you’d be using to qualify the lead, you’re gaining a lot more by getting your foot in the door. That way, you don’t have to depend on your Business Development Representatives to close the sale during the initial contact. Instead, you can move that responsibility to a specialized salesperson.

Best for:

Companies selling locally with a strong qualification process before the first contact.

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20 Cold Calling Scripts To Change Your Sales Game - UpLead (4)

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3. Customizing your cold calling script in Word

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If you’re looking for an option that just pops up in Word to start right away, HubSpot has the perfect solution.

Why it works:

HubSpot provides great value for salespeople, and this template is no exception. It goes through every step of your cold call—from your introduction to an appointment to finish the sale. And it shows you how to use as few words as possible.

You can also use each step to write your cold calling scripts right on the template.

Best for:

Companies looking for a full, simple, and effective template.

4. Getting to the decision-maker

20 Cold Calling Scripts To Change Your Sales Game - UpLead (6)

Reaching the right person is far easier with this simple template by SalesMate. It helps you create a connection with the person you’re reaching, and it can help you reach the right lead.

Why it works

In most cases, your call must go through at least one person before getting to the decision-maker. You’ll have to deal with the secretary, the assistant, or another subordinate of the person you need to reach.

The best way to navigate this process is by connecting with the person you’re talking to and making them an ally instead of an obstacle.

This simple template helps you establish a connection and become memorable to the gatekeeper, which may even prompt them to follow up with the decision-maker about the call.

Best for:

Salespeople reach leads in large companies or decision-makers in upper management.

5. Establishing a cold call process

20 Cold Calling Scripts To Change Your Sales Game - UpLead (7)

Developing a great cold call is more than just crafting the right words before picking up the phone. That’s why Ryan Stewart urges people to “steal” this cold call process template.

Why it works

This template goes beyond the traditional script and tells you where you’re at in the sales process. It also shows you the script you should follow—from start to finish.

With it, your sales team can easily identify where they’re at with a lead and know how to proceed. It can help them collaborate with each other while they keep their selling goal in mind.

Best for:

Salespeople looking for a script for every part of the sales process.

6. Reaching referrals

20 Cold Calling Scripts To Change Your Sales Game - UpLead (8)

The best way to find new customers is through referrals. This cold calling script by Fit Small Business lets you acknowledge how you acquired their information in a simple and organic way. If you want to build a specific structure and not necessarily read or follow your script word for word, you can use a smart and free sales & cold calling script generator.

Why it works

Referrals are incredibly effective and should be treated as top priorities. As you can see, this script puts the referral at the top of the call after just a small introduction.

The quicker you can let your leads know who referred them to you, the easier it’ll be for them to open up to you.

This script can also easily let you bypass gatekeepers since you’re letting them know this isn’t just any sales call. Rather, his call has already been approved by someone else.

Best for:

Any sales call from referrals when letting them know about the referral is of utter importance.

7. Approaching a crisis like COVID-19

20 Cold Calling Scripts To Change Your Sales Game - UpLead (9)

Many companies have already adapted to the COVID crisis in order to be able to survive it. The focus of this script by Just Call is approaching leads tactfully during this (or any other) crisis.

Why it works

Any crisis creates opportunities. However, cold calling a business trying to survive a crisis to sell them something can be a terrible approach—if it’s not handled correctly.

This script helps you tactfully approach your leads and navigate through their potential objections. With it, you can position your product as the solution they’re looking for. Instead of yet another expense, they should cut from the budget.

To make it work, do your homework and figure out what your leads’ needs are during your call.

Best for:

Businesses looking to position their products into a solution during a crisis.

8. Scheduling a demo presentation

20 Cold Calling Scripts To Change Your Sales Game - UpLead (10)

If the point of your call is to schedule a demo, this script by Rise Fuel will help you get there as quickly as possible.

Why it works

This script focuses on one thing: to get a meeting scheduled as quickly as possible. Doing your research beforehand can quickly turn your cold call into a meeting, where you navigate a sales process more effectively than with a phone call.

With this script, you’ll not only focus on getting the meeting, you’ll also show your respect for their time.

Best for:

B2B companies are looking for great B2B sales calling scripts focused on demo meeting sales.

9. Getting to the boss

20 Cold Calling Scripts To Change Your Sales Game - UpLead (11)

Eventual Millionaire gives you a great little sales call script to help you get to the boss immediately.

Why it works

Asking to “talk to the manager” can be associated with negative feelings. This sales script helps you connect with the person answering the call.

By asking for a favor, you also mentally prepare them to help you get to the right decision-maker.

Best for:

Scouting phone calls when you don’t have all of the information before cold calling.

10. Perfecting your openings

20 Cold Calling Scripts To Change Your Sales Game - UpLead (12)

Looking to personalize your calls? These small openings for cold calling scripts by Keap help you connect with your leads immediately.

Why it works

You’ve done your research, so why not show it? You can start your call by building rapport with your lead by finding common ground. That way, they’ll be more relaxed and open to hearing your solution.

When using these personalized openings, pay close attention to your tone. Make it as friendly as possible to avoid sounding threatening or unpleasant.

Best for:

Businesses with strong lead research.

11. Qualifying from the start

20 Cold Calling Scripts To Change Your Sales Game - UpLead (13)

One of the best sales strategies is to qualify your prospects properly. This script by Fit Small Business helps you gather as much information about a lead as possible during the cold call.

Why it works

Gathering information is time-consuming; the last thing anyone wants is to spend a long time on an unplanned phone call.

This cold-calling script lets you gather as much information as possible about the lead in an organic way, which saves you and your lead valuable time.

Best for

Salespeople who aren’t sure if their leads are qualified to complete the purchase.

12. Providing value right away

20 Cold Calling Scripts To Change Your Sales Game - UpLead (14)

If you want to let your leads know how much value they can get from your solution, Run Mags has a great phone call script to handle without sounding pretentious.

Why it works

Sometimes, the best use of time (for you and your leads) is to let them know immediately how your solution can help them. This script allows you to frame your dive into the value your solution has as a way of saving your prospect’s time.

Best for:

Sales teams with a lot of leads and little time.

13. Making your solution sound unique

20 Cold Calling Scripts To Change Your Sales Game - UpLead (15)

If you want to be memorable, this script by Sales Outsourcing Service is the perfect way to create rareness around your product.

Why it works

Making your solution sound rare and unique will captivate your prospect’s attention faster and hold it longer.

This call script helps you create a sense of discovery and keep your leads listening to your words.

Best for:

Companies with an attractive feature or offer on a product.

14. Pitching special offers

20 Cold Calling Scripts To Change Your Sales Game - UpLead (16)

Speaking of special offers, Just Call has the best way of pitching them while avoiding sounding “spammy.”

Why it works

You’re used to seeing many spam emails offering savings, and your leads are, too. So you need to pitch your offers correctly, separating them from something that sounds like it belongs in the spam folder.

This script helps you leverage discounts and offers by using them as tools to close sales instead of the typical marketing pitch.

Best for:

Businesses with attractive and temporary offers.

15. Getting a callback

20 Cold Calling Scripts To Change Your Sales Game - UpLead (17)

The “Can I call you back” response is usually the polite version of “I’m not interested.” This script by Salesmate is great at giving you a second chance.

Why it works

Charlie Cook suggests that cold calling has a success rate of only 2%. The best way to avoid failure is by preparing for it. This short script can help you change a polite, negative answer into a yes by acknowledging that it’s a rejection and asking for just two minutes of their time.

If your prospect is still on the phone after you reply, they’ll most likely give you a couple of minutes to finish your pitch.

Best for:

Sales teams with a high rejection rate looking to reach their sales quotas.

16. Identifying their pain points

20 Cold Calling Scripts To Change Your Sales Game - UpLead (18)

Once you have your lead’s attention, Lucidpress helps you reach their pain points in order to position your product as their solution.

Why it works

Usually, the main reason why you’d reject a sales call is that you don’t want someone to sell you something you don’t need.

By starting off with your lead’s pain points, you can let them express where they’re having trouble. This tactic lets you qualify them and find the solution that fits them best. And since you’re listening to them tell you where they’re having issues, they’ll most likely listen to your proposal to solve them.

Best for:

Businesses looking to qualify and solve specific problems through a single phone call.

17. Using social proof

20 Cold Calling Scripts To Change Your Sales Game - UpLead (19)

If you don’t have referrals, this script by G2 Track for using social proof is a great way of gaining your lead’s trust.

Why it works

Using social proof, you’re telling your leads they aren’t the only ones experiencing problems, but they could join other people in solving them.

Social proof is a great way to gain your lead’s trust and show them why your solution works.

Best for:

Companies with high-profile customers or customers the lead may already know.

18. Responding to “I don’t have time”

20 Cold Calling Scripts To Change Your Sales Game - UpLead (20)

This simple script by Pipedrive lets you handle the most common roadblock in sales: “I don’t have time.”

Why it works

You spark their interest by acknowledging the prospect’s feelings and letting them know how other people have said the same thing and changed their minds.

After all, if someone else changed their mind, maybe they could use two minutes to find out why.

Best for:

Sales teams selling solutions with high rejection rates.

19. Handling rejection

20 Cold Calling Scripts To Change Your Sales Game - UpLead (21)

The most common result of every cold call is rejection. Salesmate has this great script to help you find more leads when your prospect is sure not to buy.

Why it works

If rejection is the common response, you need to find a way to use it to your advantage. By asking for referrals after you see the cold call is about to fail, you can get valuable insight on someone willing to pick up the phone and talk about your product or service out of what would otherwise be a waste of time.

And if you don’t get anything, it’s not like you’re risking something by asking for it.

Best for:

Any call after the lead is sure not to buy.

20. Leaving a voicemail

20 Cold Calling Scripts To Change Your Sales Game - UpLead (22)

Sometimes, you may not get to speak to anyone. Pipedrive has a great script from Bob Bentz that will help you leave a voicemail that converts into a callback.

Why it works

This voicemail gives your prospect all the information they need to qualify themselves and call back if they’re interested in hearing more.

If you can get a prospect to pick up the phone and call back, your chances of converting them increase exponentially.

Best for:

Any cold call that isn’t picked up.

21. Following up with your voicemail

20 Cold Calling Scripts To Change Your Sales Game - UpLead (23)

Finally, Pipedrive also helps you follow up on your voicemail in the same style.

Why it works

Sometimes, prospects want to call you back, but they forget. And other times, their needs change between the voicemail and the follow-up call.

By keeping it short, you use as little time as possible to determine whether your prospect hasn’t called you back due to an external issue or simple disinterest.

Best for:

Anyone looking to follow up on a voicemail as quickly as possible while keeping the door open to a sale.

Anatomy of a Cold Calling Script: Best Practices

When making cold calls, always keep these 5 best practices in mind:

1. Help your prospect feel safe

No one wants to get caught off-guard by a sales call. Most people would rather finish a call early than let it go on too long and waste their time.

Helping them feel safe during the call will warm them up to your solution and make them likelier to listen to your sales pitch.

How to apply it: Start by speaking to them with a smile on your face. Make sure your tone is friendly and casual. You’re not calling the next phone number on your list. You’re calling a potential new client with whom you may end up establishing a professional relationship.

Make sure your tone reflects your desire to talk to them and your empathy about receiving an unexpected call.

2. Do your research

Your prospect may not know you, but you should know them. Gathering as much information as possible about your prospect can help you identify potential roadblocks and pain points. It can also help you build common ground and treat them more like actual people than just a lead.

Apply it today:

A strong qualifying process is the best way to learn from your leads. However, this tactic may be time-consuming, and it may not be scalable for multiple leads. Get detailed profiles with UpLead and download a highly-targeted phone number list.

20 Cold Calling Scripts To Change Your Sales Game - UpLead (24)

UpLead offers you great profiles that can flesh out your leads to your team, even if they’ve never seen them. And it can help them know who they’re about to call as quickly as possible.

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20 Cold Calling Scripts To Change Your Sales Game - UpLead (25)

20 Cold Calling Scripts To Change Your Sales Game - UpLead (26)

3. Practice your script

The last thing you want is to sound like you’re reading from a script when you call someone, even if that’s exactly what you’re doing. This practice will immediately turn your leads off and reveal a sense of unprofessionalism.

How to do it: Organize mock calls amongst your team, in order to help them identify how to pronounce words and find a tone that works for them. Motivate them to make the script their own, and adapt it to the person they’re calling.

4. Review calls periodically

You need to listen to their calls to ensure your team is performing well. This practice can help you identify common bottlenecks and help your teammates improve on valuable insights.

How to do it: Ideally, you should have access to random recorded calls from each of your salespeople for review purposes. Select one, and listen to the call with your salesperson. Make sure to congratulate them on what they did right, and guide them through things they could’ve done differently.

5. Build a strategy

To get the best results, you need to plan for it. Build strategies to circumvent common obstacles (like rejection and gatekeepers), and have a clear sales process for your prospects.

How to do it: To make sure your scripts are relevant, analyze your market. Keep track of the data, and find out which times are best for reaching your prospects. Make sure your script can adapt to your client personas, and build a strong and integral outbound sales strategy.

20 Cold Calling Scripts To Change Your Sales Game - UpLead (27)

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Cold Calling Scripts: Conclusion

Cold calling isn’t always easy. But with these scripts, you’ll be more prepared than ever to make your calls as effective as possible. To make sure you’re getting the most out of your sales calls, check out our cold calling tips.

20 Cold Calling Scripts To Change Your Sales Game - UpLead (2024)


How do you write a cold call sales script? ›

How do you write a good cold-calling script?
  1. Begin with a pattern-interrupting introduction.
  2. State the reason for the call and give social proof to build their trust.
  3. Include qualifying questions to gauge their sales readiness.
  4. Take the next step based on their sales readiness.
May 25, 2023

Does cold calling on sales leads to convert into sales? ›

With that said, it takes an average of 8 call attempts to reach a prospect and once you have a qualified lead, 20% of them will convert into a sale.

What is an example of a cold calling script? ›

Sample cold calling script:

I am calling to learn more about your company's customer experience and talk about how we can help you make it better. Feel free to call or text me at (555)-867-5309. I will also follow up with an email if that works better for you.

How many cold calls should I make a day? ›

How Often To Make Cold Calls. Making at least 6 cold calls can increase your contact rates by 70%, according to research conducted by Call Hippo. According to Velocify, 93% of converted leads are often reached only by the 6th cold call attempt. Almost half (48%) of salespeople don't make a follow-up call.

How can I increase sales through calling? ›

13 tips for making a successful sales call
  1. Record and review your call. ...
  2. Start with a friendly greeting — but not too friendly. ...
  3. Make sure nothing has changed since the last communication. ...
  4. Set call agenda and expectations. ...
  5. Reiterate pain points. ...
  6. Talk about product value, not features. ...
  7. Reference your unique differentiator.

How do you master cold calling sales? ›

  1. Familiarize Yourself With Prospects' Pain Points. ...
  2. Know Your Script By Heart (Don't Read It) ...
  3. Adopt A Cold-Calling Persona. ...
  4. Introduce Yourself Early On. ...
  5. Don't Sell Right Away. ...
  6. Ask Questions And Listen To The Answers. ...
  7. Be Friends With The Word 'No' ...
  8. Remember They're Human.
Jul 6, 2021

Do sales reps cold call? ›

Cold calling is a sales technique where sales reps call potential customers they've never interacted with before in hopes of getting them interested in their product or service. These calls are unsolicited, and no prior contact has been made between the recipient and the salesperson.

What should you not say on a sales call? ›

5 Things Never to Say On a Sales Call
  • Better: "Who else is participating with you in making this decision?"
  • Better: "May I ask you a few questions to find out if we can be of service?"
  • Better: "If you experience any issues with our service, our customer support team is ready to help.
Aug 12, 2014

What should you avoid in a sales call? ›

8 Things You Shouldn't Do During a Sales Call
  • Multitasking During Calls. ...
  • Cutting your Prospect Off. ...
  • Lack of Empathy. ...
  • Pestering Them for a Decision Right Away. ...
  • Using too Many Jargons. ...
  • Being Too Pushy. ...
  • You Don't Stop To Ask Questions. ...
  • Failing to Follow-Up.

What is a good cold call conversion rate? ›

Having at least a 10% conversion rate is ideal. Typically, 1 out of every 10 prospects you're able to connect with will be qualified and ready for a sales conversation. Remember: the goal of a cold call is to interest your contacts in learning more about your product or service, not to make a sale.

What are cold text examples? ›

Cold texting is reaching out via SMS to a contact without their prior consent or permission. It's similar to cold calling and cold emailing. Some examples that would lead to cold texting include: Purchasing a contact list from a third party.

How do you ace a mock cold call? ›

Follow up with the following phrases to get your mock prospect to open up more:
  1. "You mentioned that it could be better... tell me more about that..."
  2. "Don't want to disregard you mentioning that there's some annoyance there.. where do you see opportunities to improve this?"
Nov 21, 2022

How long does it take to make 100 cold calls? ›

Making 100 cold calls could take you between 1-5 hours, but this greatly depends on the dialing system you're using. If you want to improve your cold calling efforts, you'll need a proper sales strategy.

How many no's before a yes? ›

A no means that a yes is possible.

Most people won't say yes to an idea without saying no first. In fact, studies show that the average customer says no an average of five times before saying yes. This is because decision-making is an emotional process, not an intellectual one.

Is 100 cold calls a day a lot? ›

If you Google “how many cold calls a day can be made,” you will most probably land on some article giving you a number around 35-100 calls a day. While trying for the upper end of this range sounds sweet, most sales agents struggle to make 100 cold calls a day.

How can I increase sales quickly? ›

Increase sales
  1. INTRODUCE NEW PRODUCTS OR SERVICE. Provide a broader range of products or services for your clients. ...

Why is cold calling so hard? ›

One of the most common reasons cold calling can be so stressful is the fear of rejection. To succeed in B2B sales, you must be able to overcome this fear. Fortunately, there are some tricks you can use to come out on top. Check out our guide How to Cold Call, Connect, Convert, and Crush on the Phone.

What do you do in the first 20 seconds of cold call? ›

The first few seconds of a cold call are really crucial. It's in those first 15-20 seconds that you have to establish interest for prospects to stay on the line and listen to you. And to do that right, you need to have a great opening line. Yes, the way you open the cold call decides the success of the call.

How do you cold call without sounding like a salesman? ›

8 Ways to Avoid Sounding Like a Pushy Salesperson
  1. 1) Present yourself as a business person, consultant, or advisor. ...
  2. 2) Spend less time on your company and products. ...
  3. 3) Focus on the prospect. ...
  4. 4) Pre-qualify the prospect. ...
  5. 5) Talk about benefits, not features. ...
  6. 6) Get your prospect engaged.
Jul 5, 2017

What are the best questions for cold calling? ›

Here are a few cold calling questions to ask: "Who else should we involve in this call?", “Who else will influence this decision?” and “What other people or factors will impact your buyer decision?” Ideally, you can use power dialer software like Myphoner's to call these new leads and set up follow-ups as needed.

What is the hardest part of cold calling? ›

Sales professionals face three main challenges with cold calling: not making enough calls, not calling with a customer-benefiting plan, and not following up correctly.

What shouldn't you say on a cold call? ›

Do not apologize! Do not say “I'm sorry for bothering you” or anything of the like. Address your cold calling guilt another way. You're telling the caller “you're going to be annoying even before the call gets started” when you excuse yourself (JBarrows).

What not to do on a cold call? ›

10 mistakes to avoid during a cold call
  • Not knowing your product inside out. We buy from people we like and trust. ...
  • Talking to the wrong people. ...
  • Waiting too long to ask a question. ...
  • Asking closed questions. ...
  • Not listening. ...
  • Trying to close too soon. ...
  • Sounding too salesy. ...
  • Sounding too timid.
Jun 19, 2020

What is better than cold calling? ›

Referrals. Customer referrals are one of the highest quality cold calling alternatives. They might not be reliable enough to replace cold calling entirely, but there are so many benefits that developing a referral marketing strategy is a no-brainer.

How not to get hung up on sales call? ›

Are too many prospects hanging up on you? Try these telephone sales techniques to keep customers engaged.
  1. Manage call scripts and more with Call Logic's call management system. ...
  2. Show respect at all times. ...
  3. Use a script, but don't sound scripted. ...
  4. Call them by name—and get it right. ...
  5. Ask questions, listen to the answers.
Jan 23, 2019

What are good sales techniques? ›

Effective sales techniques: 7 tips for more consistent sales
  • Be systematic about generating leads. ...
  • Know your sales cycle. ...
  • Know your numbers. ...
  • Actively seek referrals. ...
  • Focus on securing appointments. ...
  • Get ready for objections. ...
  • Follow up and listen.

What is a ghost call in sales? ›

Ghost calling is when a salesperson submits a report or some kind of data showing them to have visited specific customer(s) when they haven't seen the customer(s). It is falsification of all or part of a report to cover up for the lack of visiting.

How many calls is too many in sales? ›

There's a fine line between diligence and rudeness, and too many sales people cross it. By erring on the side of professionalism—which is, of course, critical in B2B sales—a rep will be less likely to alienate potential customers, and more likely to make the sales they need. Just don't call more than three times.

What is the most important thing in a sales call? ›

Qualifying prospects is the most important thing to do during a sales call. Remember, you don't have to sell to everyone. If you can't qualify the prospect, move on to the next.

What are the four 4 common sales mistakes? ›

4 Common Sales Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
  • Not Valuing the Talent Around You.
  • Failing to Take Notes and Keep Records.
  • Poor Listening and Defensive Posturing.
  • Wasting Time on Fruitless Calls.
Nov 7, 2019

What is one of the most common mistakes salespeople make? ›

10 Sales Mistakes Reps Make Way Too Often (... And How to Avoid Them)
  • Not listening and talking too much. ...
  • Offering too much for nothing. ...
  • Not focusing on the solution. ...
  • Focusing on price not value. ...
  • Making promises you can't keep. ...
  • Not having an intention to close a sale. ...
  • Not being ready to overcome objections.
Feb 1, 2021

Does cold calling still work in 2023? ›

Despite its reputation as an outdated marketing technique, cold calling still has some benefits in 2023. Here are some pros to consider: Direct Contact with Potential Customers: Unlike digital marketing methods such as email or social media, cold calling allows for direct contact with potential customers.

How many cold calls can you make in an hour? ›

Use the Cold Call Formula to Grow Your Pipeline

This will allow a good inside salesperson to average 10-12 calls per hour while effectively maintaining and updating information in the CRM.

How long should a cold call last? ›

Cold calling should be 5-10 minutes of relief for the prospect. It is the sales rep's job to make the prospect feel comfortable and open to the conversation. Don't add on tasks to their day or things they need to follow-up with you.

Why is cold texting illegal? ›

Cold texting follows the same principle – reaching out to prospective customers you've never contacted before – but via text messages. Cold texting is illegal because it goes against global privacy laws, which demand that individuals give their consent and opt-in to receive this type of marketing communication.

What is a dry reply? ›

Dry texting is what happens when someone sends you short replies that don't move the conversation forward.

What is a dry text? ›

Close Settings. As a phrase, “dry texting” is relatively recent in the grand scheme of things. It refers to people who reply with one word, or don't carry the conversation and just say things like “lmao” and “wyd” until the receiver wants to tear their hair out in frustration or boredom.

What is the best calling script for sales? ›

“Hi, Mr./Mrs./Miss [client's surname]. My name is [agent's name], and I am calling from [company's name]. I am reaching out to you because I might have a great solution to your current business needs and I'd love to talk through it with you. Please call me back when it's a good time for you.

What is a good call flow? ›

Authenticate and Locate (the Call Driver)

The trick to a good call flow is to make the customer feel heard and appreciated while moving them through the steps of the call as quickly as possible.

How to write a mock script? ›

Here is a process that you can go through to create a mock call script.
  1. Introduction. You will want to stop to think about what you say in the introduction of your call script.
  2. Elevator Pitch. ...
  3. Pre-Qualifying Questions. ...
  4. Common Problem Examples. ...
  5. Company and Product Info.
Aug 11, 2016

What do you say at the beginning of a sales call? ›

Introduction. Start the call by introducing yourself, your name, and your role in the company. Be polite, friendly, and professional. Confirm the name and reason for the call with the customer.

What do you say when making a sales call? ›

Ways to Open a Sales Call
  1. Greet them warmly.
  2. Mention the research you've done about their company.
  3. Drop the name of a mutual connection.
  4. Reference a company contact.
  5. Use information from their LinkedIn profile.
  6. Reference a competitor.
  7. Bring up pain points.
  8. Don't be afraid to engage in small talk.
Jan 7, 2021

How can I learn sales script fast? ›

6 Strategies To Memorize Your Sales Scripts & Pitch Like Leo In The Wolf of Wall Street
  1. Write out your sales scripts with pen and paper: ...
  2. Edit your sales scripts at least 10 times: ...
  3. Read the scripts out loud repeatedly: ...
  4. Record presenting your sales scripts: ...
  5. Role play with a partner:
Jan 19, 2016

How do you cold call sales? ›

Nine cold calling tips for 2023
  1. #1 Carry out pre-call research.
  2. #2 Write a cold calling script.
  3. #3 Find a good time to call.
  4. #4 Learn how to deal with objections and rejections.
  5. #5 Don't start cold calls with a sales pitch.
  6. #6 Calls are a dialogue, not a monologue.
  7. #7 Leave a voicemail.
  8. #8 Don't give up… too fast.
Jan 1, 2023

What are the 6 steps to a successful sales call? ›

What are the 6 steps to successful pre-call sales planning?
  1. Research your prospect. This may seem like a rather obvious step, but you might be surprised at how many reps neglect to do it. ...
  2. Know the prospect's competitors. ...
  3. Know your objective for the call. ...
  4. Plan your questions. ...
  5. Anticipate objections. ...
  6. Don't over-prepare.

What is a good intro in a call? ›

Begin your cold call introduction by stating your name and the company you work for. When sharing this information, state it clearly and slowly so the customer comprehends what you are saying. Pause after sharing your company before sharing your next piece of information.

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