10 Incredible Pumpkin Patch Near me to Visit this Fall (2023)

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Pumpkin season is here now, and the winter squash will be present all season. You should visit your neighborhood pumpkin patch for Instagram or improve your pumpkin pie recipe. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list where you will learn about pumpkin patch near me.

If your social media is flooded with posts about tasty pumpkin recipes, entertaining pumpkin decorations, and scenic pumpkin farms, you can be sure that fall is here. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top pick your own pumpkin patch near me for the ideal family vacation.

Why is Pumpkin Picking Becoming so Popular Nowadays?

In search of pumpkin patch farms near me? Picking your pumpkins in a pumpkin patch is the ideal fall activity, and it’s even more enjoyable the closer Halloween gets.

Every year, more people pick pumpkins in various forms, sizes, and colors. It also provides a fantastic family outing; when you get to slice it, the fun lasts all the way home.

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You’ll find a ton of pumpkins at each location ready for picking, baking into the greatest pumpkin cookies, carving for Halloween, and displaying on your porch. But at most of our best picks, that only accounts for half of the pleasure. Autumn sweets, complicated corn mazes, and various activities are part of your pumpkin-filled tour.

Bring out all the pumpkin flavor in October and enjoy the leaves beginning to fall! There are a plethora of activities to do during the fall, including hay rides, outdoor festivals, and pumpkin picking. Set aside a day to go pumpkin picking at pumpkin patches. Get your calendar out. Confirm the working days and hours before visiting.

Here is our most comprehensive list of the top 10 best pumpkin patch near me locations ever!

10 Pumpkin Patch Near me Where You Can Pick Your Pumpkins

1. Essington Farm

The 50-acre pumpkin patch farm near me at Essington Farm in Wolverhampton grows roughly 30 different types of produce. With numerous pumpkins of various sorts planted, including pink, white, yellow, and grey, Essington Farm is ready to receive back visitors for their PYO Pumpkin season. It will be open starting on October 1. The patch is rather impressive as well, with a range of sizes and not to mention their horrifying pointy variation known as “goosebumps.”

2. Hatton Adventure World

From October 22 to October 30, Hatton Adventure World, close to Warwick, will host a Pumpkin Spooktacular. During the October free pumpkin patch near me half-term, Hatton’s festival begins, including pumpkin picking to their existing entertaining schedule of activities. Visitors can use a wheelbarrow to select the perfect pumpkin and carve a unique design. Hatton will once more be covered in ghosts, goblins, cobwebs, and pumpkins for Halloween.

3. Bowman Orchards, New York

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The whole family will love the dog friendly pumpkin patch near me at Bowman Orchards, located north of Albany. In addition to purchasing a picked pumpkin during the week, you can also make a special trip out of it by scheduling a visit on one of the farm’s Fall Festival days, which are held every weekend from September 3 through October 31. All farm areas, excluding the farm store and the berry fields, are open to you bringing your leashed dogs. This pet friendly pumpkin patch near me is an added convenience. The farm includes pet trash stations.

4. Pumpkins R Us

From October 8 to October 31, Pumpkins R Us in Coventry provides Pick Your Own, allowing customers to wander the store and select their pumpkins from 25 different types. Pick from various pumpkins in every size, color, pattern, and form imaginable in their pumpkin patches. After selecting your pumpkin, you may visit their eerie store, which sells Halloween-related accessories, including hats, accessories, cosmetics kits, outfits, and lighting.

5. Lower Drayton Farm

One of Stafford’s top pumpkin patches for people is Lower Drayton Farm. With more than 80,000 pumpkin seeds of numerous organisms spread across 12 acres, it may be one of the largest. In addition to looking for pumpkins, you can also see the animals there. Visitors can wheel a wheelbarrow across October to the pumpkin patch. Prior to selecting one and making your way to the carving pavilion to create the ideal pumpkin sculpture. The event will also include a pumpkin family portrait that you can enter to win a surprise by taking a photograph with your creations! Hot food will be available, including homemade pumpkin soup and hot dogs. Beginning on October 1, the patch is open every weekend and every day after.

6. Fifer Orchards in Wyoming, DE

This family farm, which has been in operation since 1919, organizes a unique Fall Fest and Cider Fest and provides a beautiful U-Pick adventure. You can still visit their general store, which is packed with a ton of fresh local fruit, fresh ice cream, local honey, and more if you need more than pumpkins to fulfill you.

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7. Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm in Wheatland, CA

Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm, established in 1973, is a dairy farm that hosts numerous family-friendly events in the fall. This Wheatland, California farm has many things to do to keep your family entertained outside, including the biggest U-pick pumpkin farm in the country, a petting zoo, and a zip line.

8. Farms Penton

Several attractions are available at the Penton Farms Pumpkin Patch near Verbena, along with a five-acre corn maze, a corn pit, wagon rides, super slides, hamster wheels, and more. The $12 admission fee includes all of this and a pumpkin (ages two and up). The option to buy individual actions and refreshments is also available. At 9:00 a.m. on September 24, the pumpkin patch opens. Their Facebook page will list the days and hours they are open.

9. Old Baker Farm

Children from our neighborhood frequently visit Old Baker Farm in Harpersville on field trips because of its magnificent pumpkin patch. Children enjoy going behind the tractor to the patch while riding on their hay bale maze. All activities at Old Baker Farm, except eating, handmade crafts, and horse riding, are included in the entrance fee. The pumpkin patch will be accessible from September 24 through October 31 from Wednesday through Sunday.

10. Helena Hollow

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The Patch at Helena Hollow begins on Saturday, October 1, and is open every Friday in October from 9 am to 5 pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm. Weekend admission is $12.95 online and $15 at the door (ages two and under are FREE). Tickets are less expensive on Friday, and group tickets with a pumpkin are available! Hayrides to the pumpkin patch are included in the cost of admission, along with a small zoo, playgrounds, a rock wall, swings, and much more.


Here are some best options for a pumpkin patch farm near me. Most pick-your-own pumpkin farms include a “pumpkin patch” when you browse some available options. It all depends on Halloween falls. September and the beginning of October will see their fruit ripen around September.

You don’t want to bring any pumpkins home, do you? This year, numerous causes still exist to cross visiting a pumpkin patch of your autumn to-do list. In some cases, the drive alone is worthwhile. These farms and orchards also host exciting kid-friendly fairs, the best Halloween celebrations, cider tastings, and other wonderful activities that excite you and your kids.

However, the scenery keeps us returning for even more, particularly. You won’t be let down if you just come for the eye candy, so bring a camera. So you now know how benefitted you would be after consider options on pumpkin patch near me.

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